Are your videos holding users’ attention?

Adding videos to a direct email marketing (DEM) campaign can have a big impact on results. However, there’s only so much that a static video can do. Video combined with personalization represents a huge leap forward, enabling enterprises to deliver a more customized, engaging experience through their direct email campaigns. Doxee’s personalized videos enable far more effective direct email campaigns for your prospects. The two biggest factors that can contribute to the success of DEM are videos and, critically personalization. Doxee’s personalized video DEM brings these two elements together to ensure that each message is as engaging as possible. Users recognize that the videos – including unique text, imagery and audio – are unique to them.

Make users their own movie’s director

The Doxee advanced technology also makes it possible to develop personalized videos that feature enhanced interaction, in the form of Call-To-Actions inserted directly into the video. This functionality offers the potential for interactive, user-directed storytelling. The individual’s choices will cause the path of the video scenes to adapt, creating a more unique experience. This is especially important during the acquisition phase because organizations simply will not have much information on their prospects at this stage. By allowing users to decide on products of greatest interest, Doxee Personalized video can enable personalization “on-the-fly”. Unlike static videos, this turns your DEM initiatives into an effective vehicle for two-way communications, further improving engagement and effectiveness.

  • Personalization of a wide range of elements, such as text, images and audio
  • Call-to-actions inside the video
  • User-directed storytelling to drive the message based on viewer interests

Welcome videos tell stories that increase customer confidence

Can you successfully onboard new customers?

After purchasing your product or service, your customer will often require – or, at the very least, appreciate – further guidance. After all, the customer isn’t necessarily going to know how to take full advantage of the service, and he doesn’t want to devote a lot of time to figuring it out himself. New products and services will often require some explanation to ensure a smooth onboarding experience. In the past, companies would rely on vast amounts of paper documentation to welcome new customers. But paper isn’t interactive, it isn’t engaging, and it’s the same for everyone, incapable of adapting to each user’s unique perspective. Such a poor onboarding experience will undermine customer loyalty – or lead to churn between the signing of the contract and real activation. This is a particularly serious issue for sectors like energy in which a long time elapses before services effectively start.

A better approach: personalized, informative, engaging videos

With Doxee Pvideo®, you can welcome new customers by providing a smooth, satisfying onboarding experience that helps them fully understand what they’ve purchased. Welcome videos enable engaging, creative storytelling, and each video is personalized to include information specific to the individual customer. This makes the experience more useful and more enjoyable. For example, Doxee Personalized Videos offer broadcast-quality, text-to-speech narration. This feature is ideal for narrating personalized transactional data – everything from the address on file (ideal for energy companies’ onboarding initiatives) to car information, like make and model (priceless for new auto insurance customers). Ultimately, personalized welcome videos are perrect for explaining complex concepts and detailing how these products and services will apply to each customer’s specific circumstances and needs.

Personalized how-to videos improve satisfaction and minimize complaints

Customer care can be costly

Good customer care is the foundation of any successful business – if you aren’t satisfying your customers, your bottom line is going to suffer. The problem is, it can be extremely costly to provide efficient, hands-on guidance via contact center agents. At the same time, though, you need to have the means of resolving your customers’ problems quickly and effectively.

Seizing the opportunity with how-to videos

With Doxee iX you can easily build personalized how-to videos to offer a powerful method for striking this balance. You can use these videos to explain to users why they ran into a problem and how to avoid this issue in the future. These videos, which are produced on demand, can then go a step further and automatically offer a personalized ad-hoc offer to upgrade to the next tiered service, which would solve the problem permanently. You can increase awareness and promote your value-added services, all while increasing user satisfaction and strengthening customer loyalty.
  • Increase your customer confidence with How-to personalized videos
  • High impact for Telco companies

Interactive video bills provide clarity with compliance

Compliance and confusion

Bills and statements need to do more than detail amounts owed. In many sectors, including energy, banking and telecommunications, companies must ensure their bills comply with laws and regulations, and that requires extensive disclaimers and other legal language. Typically, businesses adopt universal language to include on all of their bills and statements, to cover all of their bases. From the customer’s perspective, this information – which is neither relevant to them personally or interesting – can be overwhelming, and that diminishes how effectively engaging the bills and statements will be.
  • Dynamic storyboard for hiding or showing scenes according to each user’s choices
  • Energy companies can make their bills crystal clear

Balancing compliance with clarity

Video bills can help to strike the right balance between compliance and clarity. With personalized video bills, you can present statements and bill information in a much more direct, engaging way. Furthermore, by using Doxee iX, you can ensure that these videos include only the information that is truly relevant for each individual customer. No two bills are the same. Not only is the data different, but any service option you enable might lead to a bill with new sections. But that’s not a problem with Doxee Pvideo’s dynamic storyboard capabilities, which means that scenes are either shown or hidden depending on the individual user and his or her choices. This further refines and personalizes the videos, maximizing effectiveness while still meeting all necessary compliance regulations.

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