Salesforce® Document Generation

The Salesforce® Document Generation module of Doxee Customer Communications Management enriches the Salesforce CRMs with an application to generate documents and templates for users working on the CRM.

Salesforce® Document Generation

Salesforce® Document Generation

Enriching Salesforce CRMs with an application to generate documents and templates provides several benefits for users working on the CRM, and it becomes a critical factor in the proper and effective adoption of CRM in the enterprise application map. Whether managing the CRM in a customer care, sales, or upselling touch point, it’s important to be able to create and manage templates quickly and efficiently in order to reduce the time to market of communications and document processing times.

The result of this choice is to achieve greater efficiency for all operators working on the CRM, with the possibility of creating highly personalized communications that are able to respond to the needs of the individual customer.

The main advantages of integrating the Salesforce CRM, both Service Cloud or Sales Cloud, with Doxee CCM’s document generation application includes:


The template designer App allows you to customize the appearance and functionality of the CRM to fit your company’s specific needs. Create layout templates, forms, and views that reflect your unique workflows and business processes.

Improved user experience

A customized and intuitive design improves the CRM user experience. You can create a more user-friendly interface, simplifying navigation and organizing data in a more accessible and understandable way.  The Doxee Workplace Lightning component allows you to include interactive document generation on any Salesforce page.

Operational efficiency

The App template designer allows you to automate processes and activities within CRM. You can create predefined templates for creating documents, sending notifications, or performing specific actions to simplify and speed up daily operations. The Doxee Salesforce Query Builder provides graphical access to all Salesforce data objects, which are then available in the template design.


The Template Designer App of Doxee CCM gives you the flexibility to adapt your CRM as your business needs evolve. You can easily add new fields, models, and templates, adapting your communications in real time as your business grows.

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