Doxee Customer Communications Management’s Integrations module powers multichannel workflows through its ability to interpret and transform data.



The Doxee platform has robust data interpretation and transformation capabilities, bringing together different sources to feed the multichannel workflows offered by the Doxee CCM product. This is all possible without resorting to additional system integrations. Doxee CCM also has REST APIs to make on-demand workflows available for integration with enterprise systems, which are enriched with individual functionality selected from the CCM portfolio of offerings as a result, but accessed individually when needed.

Integration via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) or Customer Communication Management (CCM) software connectors can offer different levels of integration to enhance the end-customer experience and optimize the management of business communications within the organization.

Through integrations, customers and partners can make different levels of service delivery more efficient:

Create and customize communications

Enable software integration with other business systems, such as CRM or Marketing Automation systems, as well as billing systems. This allows customer data to be automatically extracted and used to generate personalized communications, such as letters, emails, PDFs, personalized web pages, and personalized and interactive videos.

Automate communication processes: APIs

APIs can be used to automate business communication processes by enabling personalized communications to be automatically sent to customers based on certain events or triggers. For example, a communication can be automatically generated and sent when a customer makes a purchase, requests a quote, or takes a specific action.

Integrate with communication channels

It’s possible to integrate with different communication channels, such as SMS, chat, instant messaging apps, or social media, allowing you to send consistent and personalized communications through your customers’ preferred channels.

Communication lifecycle management

Communication lifecycle management capabilities can be provided, allowing you to monitor and track any communications sent to customers. For example, you can track when a communication has been sent, received, opened, or read.

In addition, APIs allow CCM software to be integrated with archiving or data retention systems. This ensures that communications sent to customers are securely stored and managed in compliance with regulations and company policies.

Doxee’s Customer Communications Management product is designed to allow customers and partners to customize many features, including the development of workflow components. Standard connectors expand the platform’s integration possibilities.:

  • REST for on-demand job execution, tracking, and extraction from archives
  • SOAP for interactive querying of services from third parties in interactive use cases
  • SAP connector
  • Salesforce connector
  • MS Dynamics

The CCM product makes the following set of APIs available:

  • Workflow components for batch and on-demand
  • Data transformation and plugin ordering
  • Integrations with Enterprise SSO components
  • Generation of personalized URLs for distribution of personalized and interactive web pages and videos, Doxee Pweb®, and Doxee Pvideo®
  • Webhook for production and behavioral event management to power CRM or Marketing Automation tools

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