Endpoint Customer Journey Management

With Doxee’s Customer Communcations Management platform, you can manage and deploy communication processes across all available channels to reach your customers

Endpoint Customer Journey Management

Endpoint Customer Journey Management

Doxee CCM integrates a specific multichannel delivery module that can orchestrate and govern communications, both digital and traditional, and track their effectiveness on each touchpoint.  

This approach, also known as Endpoint Customer Journey Management or Multichannel Delivery, refers to the process of managing and optimizing the various touch points and interactions a customer has with a company across different channels and devices.

Starting with the mapping of the customer journey, the ability to manage communications across different customer segments is an important component for their success and effectiveness. The goal is to create a seamless, personalized experience for customers at every touch point with the company, regardless of the endpoint they choose to interact with.

With Doxee’s Endpoint Customer Journey Management component, the company can offer its customers a uniform, personalized, and consistent experience across all touch points, with the goal of building loyalty and improving satisfaction by increasing the customer lifetime value.  

In fact, with Doxee CCM’s multichannel delivery module, users can orchestrate and manage communications of different types and formats along the customer journey, increasing engagement and the effectiveness of initiatives and propositions in corporate communications, due to significantly improved conversion rates. 

Here are some key components of Endpoint Customer Journey Management:

Customer journey mapping

Involves visualizing and understanding the various stages and touch points of a customer’s journey. It helps companies identify weaknesses, opportunities for improvement, and areas where they can deliver a consistent and engaging experience with multichannel communications. Doxee can support the entire customer journey across multiple channels.

Multi-Channel Integration

Companies must ensure that all of their endpoints or touch points work together, providing a consistent experience and enabling customers to move from one channel to another without interruption. This requires the integration of data, processes ,and technologies across multiple endpoints.


The goal of Endpoint Customer Journey Management is to provide personalized experiences to customers based on their preferences, behaviors, and previous interactions. This may involve using customer data, such as purchase history or browsing patterns, to personalize messages, recommendations, and offers for individual customers. 

Data analysis and insights

By collecting and analyzing data from different endpoints, companies can gain insights into customer behavior, preferences, and pain points. This information can be used to optimize touch points, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to improve the customer journey.


Automation plays a crucial role in endpoint customer journey management because it helps companies automate repetitive tasks, deliver personalized experiences in real time, and provide proactive customer support across multiple endpoints.

Continuous optimization

Endpoint customer journey management is a continuous process of monitoring, measuring, and optimizing the customer journey. By gathering feedback, conducting A/B testing, and analyzing data, companies can continuously improve the customer experience and adapt to changing customer needs.

Support for marketing initiatives

For all digital communications, thanks to native integration with the Doxee Booster product, it is also possible to enable marketing automation processes and logic that make communications more effective.

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