Document Production

Doxee Customer Communication Management’s Document Production empowers business users in the document production phase in a highly flexible manner by providing different tools to support communication processes that are planned, generated on demand or even interactive as it happens in face-to-face situations with the customer.

Document Production

Document Production

Document production is a strategic process for companies of any size that want to maintain high levels of organizational efficiency in generating different kinds of communications while building an effective and consistent relationship with customers based on personalization and consistency of messaging.

Companies manage countless document types. Contracts, sales offers, administrative letters, marketing communications, cancellations, and debt collection can all be very complex to manage without a clear strategic vision and without the right tools for governing the processes of all organizational units in a unified way, ensuring consistency of communication, compliance with communication guidelines, with the possibility to personalize content according to the needs of each customer or group of customers, and ensuring the proper distribution and monitoring of communications

This governance is critical both in cases of bulk communications or batch processes, i.e., planned processes, such as transactional ones like billing or statements, but also in managing communications that need to be generated on demand or interactively by a business operator or through an automated process. 

Thanks to the Doxee Platform’s cloud-native architecture, all production functions take advantage of autoscaling features, ensuring maximum production flexibility by synchronously matching computational capacity with customer needs and thus ensuring the automatic management of production peaks, regardless of the production scenario, while supporting the physiological growth of customer production requirements through capacity scaling.

At the same time, single tenant or multi-tenant delivery models ensure maximum implementation flexibility in any context. The Document Production component supports all of the following modes: 

Scheduled Production

In the scheduled execution mode, the Doxee Customer Communications Management product works through intelligent parallel processes to comply with service agreements and a fully customizable and automated workflow that is ideal for handling large volumes of documents. In addition, the scheduled document production mode enables complete logistical tracking down to printing and delivery, manages sampling and production approval, and enables integration with existing document systems. The high level of automation, guaranteed scalability, and intelligent parallelization of processes enabled by Doxee’s CCM product are supported by a cloud service model, available in both multi-tenant and single-tenant modes, which ensures efficiency and security by dispensing the IT department with multiple workloads, in any implementation scenario.

On-Demand Production

In the on-demand execution mode, Doxee CCM has the tools to horizontally scale application components to handle spikes in requests and normalize execution times. Doxee CCM in on-demand mode enables workflow configuration and end-to-end orchestration of the entire document production process, integrating with popular recurring billing systems. It also ensures the scalability needed to optimally manage workloads, thanks to its SaaS cloud delivery mode. While in this mode, the Doxee CCM product maintains the same high performance, automating the transition between on-demand and scheduled production to ensure absolute security in document production continuity.  

On-Demand Interactive

Doxee Customer Communications Management includes tools to enrich CRM requirements, such as opening a technical support ticket, billing, and sending notification of ticket closure. With Doxee CCM, customer service specialists have the tools they need to enrich one-to-one communications by including other items, such as additional text, biographical and personal data, offers sent, and financial evaluations. Through a customizable web portal, Doxee CCM provides a wide selection of configurable templates and forms to which you simply add the information and data you want to use for customer communications to trigger an approval process that ends with the delivery of the communication to the end customer. In addition to the ability to preview documents and check the workflow before sending, Doxee CCM enables the integration of communications and data from the company’s existing ERP and CRM systems, both during and after data entry by operators.

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