Data Transformation

Doxee Communication Management’s Data Transformation module manages data to enhance it and put it at the service of business communication needs.

Data Transformation

Doxee Communications Management’s Data Transformation module

Within an organization, data transformation and optimization are vital and sensitive processes that must be carried out by a team of experts in order to ensure the integrity of downstream processes that rely on this data—processes that are often undervalued due to lack of expertise, but which involve some of an organization’s most important assets. Data can originate from multiple sources and normally come from existing company systems that use different pathways. Linking together an organization’s systems from which data is to be obtained to produce documents with different formats typically requires the use of specific plug-ins.

The intuitive user interface of Doxee CCM Data Transformation greatly reduces the analysis time for dti input files and their variables. By creating specific relationships between input and output variables, users can apply parsing, data cleaning, and formatting cycles to make the information within a document or communication readable and presentable.

Thanks to the wide variety of input formats handled and the ability to create infinite relationships between variables, Data Transformation is a powerful tool that simplifies the integration of Doxee Platform functionality into any application context, shortening go-to-market time and providing endless potential for optimizing and extending CCM functionality to key customer communication processes.

With Data Transformation, users can combine data from different sources, enabling the creation of data integrations across distinct domains and systems. This facilitates the digital transformation of communication processes and makes it possible to extend customer-centric strategies to any domain, thereby eliminating information silos and bringing data and information to the benefit of the entire organization.

Optimized data management

Doxee’s Data Transformation module simplifies the reading and processing of data from different sources, such as CRM and ERP systems or other data warehouses within different business departments. The output data is extremely flexible and capable of supporting different communication formats to support an organization’s diverse communication requirements, regardless of the original sources.

A Customer Experience Support

All of the information from sales and marketing and customer relationship activities is made available as single or multiple outputs, facilitating the flow of customer-facing information that is always up to date. Doxee’s Data Transformation component is a valuable support for your customer experience strategies

Flexibility to business needs

Data Transformation offers a flexible layout that makes it easy to present information in a variety of formats and contexts, whether for electronic invoicing processes, customer communications, or in support of processes that feed bulk and on-demand document production where you want to provide a specific look and feel, in the format of your choice.

flessibilità alle esigenze aziendali

By the time the data is made available in Doxee’s standard final format, you have a flexible format that can be used for a company’s many requirements, regardless of the original source.

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