The Tracking & Reporting module of Doxee CCM is the main tool for monitoring the full document lifecycle.



Keeping track of the status of company communications at all times and analyzing how customers behave in all of the interactions they have with communications and with all touch points is a critical factor for a successful relationship between a company, its customers, and prospects.

The Doxee Customer Communications Management product provides the Tracking & Reporting tool for monitoring along the entire communications lifecycle.

In addition, Tracking & Reporting is critical for end-to-end monitoring of communication processes and for making behavioral data on customers available to the company. Having a single view that combines production events with behavioral analytics allows you to improve the efficiency of processes and the effectiveness of communications, thereby increasing the conversion rates of individual initiatives.  

Monitoring and analytics are essential to ensure compliance with any communication process. The main benefits of Doxee CCM’s end-to-end monitoring tools include: 

Manage Compliance

Doxee’s analytics system allows you to keep track of compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) at all times, with channel-specific tracking and the ability to zoom in on individual documents and communications. 

Govern document processes

The Doxee platform has a dashboard for managing document approvals that allows you to check the production and approval status before documents are created and sent out. All of these features are designed to provide companies with transparency and total process control. 

Manage behavioral analytics

Doxee CCM is able to detect every single action that is performed within the communication. This makes it possible to measure its effectiveness, thus providing important KPIs that are useful to increase the conversion rates of each communication initiative. Behavioral analytics enable companies to manage communications in an A/B testing logic, and they power CRM or customer Marketing Automation systems to generate consistently effective communication workflows. 

Track multiple formats

When it comes to HTML5 digital communications, whether simple emails or the Doxee Pweb® or Doxee Pvideo®, tracking analytics is a critical factor in the success of both the process and the communication itself.

Monitor effectiveness

The Tracking & Reporting module within Doxee CCM makes it easy to monitor the effectiveness of corporate communications, such as emails, internal messages, shared documents, and other forms of interaction, enabling the company to assess the effectiveness of those communications. You can identify which messages have a positive or negative impact on employees, customers, or other stakeholders and make any necessary changes or improvements. 

Identify trends and behavioral patterns

Through the analysis of communications data, Doxee CCM’s Tracking & Reporting module allows you to identify trends and behavioral patterns within the company and its customers. This approach helps identify best practices, recurring problems, or potential opportunities for improvement. 


Improve communications strategy

Analysis of communications enables a company to make informed decisions about its communications strategy. You can identify the most effective communication channels, determine the best times or occasions to reach your target audiences, or tailor your communications to the behaviors and preferences of your target audiences. 

Identify threats or risks

It is critical for an organization to be able to detect any threats that jeopardize the security and integrity of information in advance. With Doxee CCM’s monitoring system, analysis of communication patterns could highlight suspicious behavior or unauthorized activity that requires immediate action to ensure data security or prevent fraud or security breaches. 

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