End-to-End Customer Communication Management


Data Design

Data parsing, business rules inclusion, transformation to XML from any format including AFP

Layout Design

Document composition with co-authoring, promotional and transactional content


Test end-to-end production chain and review and approval process for production


Schedule, execute and monitor jobs for multichannel production and distribution


SLA management, KPI monitoring. Track and report processes along the end-to-end production, fulfillment and delivery chain

Digital Archiving

Regulatory compliance, long term document preservation (i.e. eInvoices), browsing, exhibition, searching, verifying, storing and back up

Data Design Layout Design Proofing Tracking Tracking Digital Archiving

Transform Your CCM Processes

Take control of your entire communications process—from managing customer data to collaborative document composition to automated production, delivery, tracking, and archiving.
The Doxee Enterprise Communication Platform gives you the power to:

Launch Quickly

Dramatically reduce up-front costs and time-to-benefit—be up and running in days.

Get Personal

Use customer data from multiple sources to deliver engaging, personalized communications.

Speed Process

Streamline collaborative design, production and proofing to improve quality and accelerate delivery.

Digitalize Archives

Instantly search and retrieve electronic documents to reduce call center time.

Drive Customer Engagement

The Doxee Enterprise Communication Platform lets you to take customer
engagement to new heights with advanced Doxee solutions:

Transform transactional documents into interactive experiences with Interactive Communications

Grab and hold customers’ attention like never before with Personalized Video