Do you want to experience how Doxee Personalized Video Works?

Enter the name you want to use in the video, upload a logo, choose the language and click submit.

Be sure to read these instructions before using this demo.


Before showing the personalized video to your customer be sure you have checked that the video plays properly on the device on which you will show it.

In particular:

  • Avoid inserting long text for both personalized Name and Address fields. It may result in texts overlapping.
  • Upload a .png with a transparent background for the logo. Note: To ensure proper display of the logo, use landscape design with a suggested size of 600px x 340px.

The video is supported on the latest desktop versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Exporer on both Windows and MacOS.

Although it is not certified for all mobile devices, it should work on the newest, leading mobile products, such as iPhone6 and iPad Air 2. In all cases, please be sure to fully test the demo on any device on which it will be shown.