59% of viewers watched the video until the end

With a double e-mail campaign, Pvideos were shared to promote internet services and a new credit line was offered to existing customers.

Pvideo is the ideal solution for those customers who want the convenience of internet banking, but who are used to the comforts of physical bank branches, where an advisor is always at their complete disposal. Personalization – the key feature of Pvideo – adds a human touch to the message, creating an empathy that is virtually impossible to find on traditional communication platforms.

The customer, who gets called by name, is guided through the service and offer by his trusted advisor’s avatar. At the end of the video, the viewer receives the information to contact the advisor in person—the real one! Resulting in an original and effective way to gain the account holders’ trust and drive action.

In the second campaign – focused on a new available credit line –each of the customers was able to watch a video exclusively built for themselves, thanks to Pvideo’s profiling capabilities. With a no-frills, concrete explanation, the viewer was allowed to discover all the steps needed to unlock the new credit line. Thanks to an embedded link within the video, moving from the enjoyment of watching to concrete conversion is just a piece of cake.


Dynamic storyboard
Call to action
Purl via Mail


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