Imagine. Design. Deliver

Create video templates that are delivered in an infinite number of different versions by incorporating a wide range of variable content. The only limit is your imagination.


With Pvideo, personalization is the watchword. Create the perfect content tailored to each of your customers using a complete set of tools to individualize every aspect of your video.

  • Leverage personalized text creation and formatting
  • Use personalized visuals to match users’ profiles
  • Personalize footage to enhance bond
  • Create audio databases for frequently-used elements

Embedded Calls-to-Action

Engaging content won’t help your business if it doesn’t drive action too. Choose between several different, versatile call-to-actions inserted directly into the video screen. Amaze your customers, and then take them wherever you want.

  • Easily link to external websites, such as landing pages or online forms
  • Redirect to Pweb resources to provide a true cross-channel experience
  • Allow in-video direct download of documents, such as contracts or bills
  • Capture and/or validate customer data

Dynamic storyboard

Show or hide specific scenes depending on the viewer’s profile. Freely adapt the storyline depending on the relevant characteristics of your audience. With the dynamic storyboard, every video is a different story.

  • Deploy unique storyboards for different users’ profiles
  • Adapt content to users’ demo- and geographic information
  • Tailor content based on users’ psychographic profiles


Do you need to reach out to vast databases? No, you don’t need an army of professional speakers. Leverage text-to-speech technology to create a versatile synthesized voice. “Digitally speak” names, numbers, addresses and any other variables.

  • Automatically generate audio voiceovers
  • 360° freedom on the speaker’s language, gender, and age
  • Enjoy total control thanks to the SSML semantic language

User-directed storytelling

Do you feel that you don’t have enough information about your audience to create tailored content? Empower your audience by giving them the chance to choose what to see. Create alternate content, and let the public take the helm with user-directed storytelling.

  • Create different story paths based on viewer interests
  • Maximize involvement thanks to user interaction
  • Enable of two-way conversation

In-video pop-ups

Sometimes, you just have a lot to say. Integrate in-video insight boxes and let the viewer access additional information without leaving the video. It’s the perfect way to tell complex stories, without losing the plot.

  • Automatically interrupt the video
  • Fully-customize response to users’ clicks

Behavioral analytics

The more users interact, the more you know about them. Take video data monitoring to the next level. Play, pause, repeat, skip: Keep track of your audience’s actions, even when it comes to the slightest movement.

  • Trace users’ behavior, such as clicks and level of engagement
  • Explore obtained data with a visually-rich dashboard
  • Integrate with external analytics tools if needed

Flexible Delivery

Share your personalized video in a smart and secure way. With a Purl, a Personalized URL, every video resource is accessible only from the rightful recipient, and only for a set time period. The best way to share personal information safely, miles away from prying eyes.

  • Add Purl multi-channel sharing via SMS, e-mail, and chatbot
  • Embed Purl into your own portal through iframe
  • Integrate with access control mechanisms, such as OTP (one-time password) if needed
  • Link to personalized QR code, so as to connect physical and digital
  • Employ privacy protection and compliance to latest regulations