Customer Communications Management

The first cloud-based product dedicated to Customer Communications Management for document process management.

Customer Communications Management

Customer Communications Management

Transforming communication processes to digital is a necessary choice for companies that want to improve the customer experience, and for public administrations that want to rethink their relationship with citizens. Implementing a customer-centric strategy means offering customers a new approach that combines state-of-the-art CCM technology and data to build unique experiences through personalization and multichannel that makes the customer the focal point of the relationship, leveraging data and enabling the acquisition of data and information aimed at optimizing the experience through continuous processes.
At the same time, digital transformation is also a commitment to conducting business sustainably in order to reduce an organization’s impact on the environment through the use of digital technologies.

Thanks to its technology, for more than two decades Doxee has supported leading European companies on their digital transformation journey by extracting value from data and transforming it into highly personalized and effective communications and relationships. For companies that adopt our technologies, our great commitment to the dematerialization of processes becomes both an accelerator and a tool for minimizing the environmental impact of customer-facing communication processes. 

Customer Communication Management from Doxee is the first Customer Communication Management product natively designed for the cloud, delivered in SaaS mode, and dedicated to the creation, multichannel distribution, and archiving of communications and documents.

Customer Communications Management is a formidable accelerator of the digital transformation strategy of customer-facing communication processes because it is able to orchestrate traditional, paper-based communication processes and those that are natively digital, as well as the processes of substituting one for the other through technology, all to the benefit of operational efficiency and sustainability.

Customer Communication Management is an integral part of the Doxee Platform® and technology, and the first platform of its kind to be entirely designed as cloud native.  

Hundreds of global companies have chosen the Doxee Platform to support the digitization of customer-facing communication processes, to build and deliver digital experiences to their customers (Customer Experience Management), and to support the adoption of compliance-related dematerialization processes (Digital Compliance tools).

The Doxee Platform® supports the delivery of several products that are fully integrated and operate synergistically, thus making it possible to fully manage the customer experience in support of communication initiatives by leveraging the entire data lifecycle by extracting the information and transforming it into personalized and interactive communications, such as personalized and interactive Doxee Pvideo® videos or Doxee Pweb® microsites (part of the Customer Experience Management product line).  

Customer Communication Management: the engine of digital transformation

Doxee’s Customer Communications Management efficiently and collaboratively manages multi-channel document creation, as well as processes for archiving and distribution by seamlessly integrating with existing systems to support the company’s strategy of digitizing communication processes. Data is the main lever in a digital communications strategy, and through Customer Communications Management, Doxee is able to enhance it at every stage of the production process.

Through a specific module (Data Transformation), data is enriched, sorted, and optimized to maximize the effectiveness of communications, and data is used to train the processing workflow, facilitating both digital processes and postal logistics for paper communications.

In addition, Doxee’s Customer Communications Management product enables the creation of two-way information layers that can feed new information to business systems, thus helping businesses improve the knowledge of their customers over time, enrich CRMs, and support increasingly personalized and effective communication strategies.
Once the communication workflow is established and interconnected with business systems via ready-to-use connectors, adding a channel or transitioning customer segments to digital is simple and straightforward.

Doxee Customer Communication Management is able to archive product communications through a specific module (Digital Archiving) that can support their cross-platform access to communication to support digital distribution processes. At the same time, Customer Communication Management, thanks to its native integration with the Digital Compliance Tools product, and specifically with the Legal Digital Archiving (LEA) module, is able to archive any document or communication in accordance with regulations, guaranteeing its validity over time.

By combining CXM (Customer Experience Management) products, Doxee customers can add personalized and interactive components to customer-facing communication. This enables the integration of Doxee Pvideo® and Doxee Pweb®  through simple configurations of the communication workflow, thus activating a personalized, interactive, and bidirectional extension to each customer-facing communication cycle.  

Cloud Native

As part of the Doxee platform, Customer Communications Management represents a market benchmark in terms of architecture and technology in the world of CXM and CCM cloud platforms.

As a result of Doxee’s experience in designing and deploying CCM applications in the cloud to support mission-critical communications processes, the Doxee Platform is natively designed for cloud environments, and it offers the ability to easily integrate complex application maps, thanks to its microservices-based architecture.

At the same time, the Doxee Platform offers great flexibility and scalability, including the ability to adapt in real time.

Thanks to the Doxee Platform’s architectural design, Customer Communications Management is capable of automatically and immediately scaling the required production capacity to support new initiatives or expanded communication requirements at any time. And, thanks to the cloud architecture, the Doxee product offers enterprise grade availability and reliability SLAs.

Data Transformation

Data Transformation is the ETL module of the Doxee Platform that enables effective management of data and related business logic by simply and effectively enabling the processing of input files, from traditional .csv and .XML, to PDF format, .txt, and JSON type files, including a wide variety of print formats. Data Transformation is able to integrate information taken from different data sets, while at the same time making it possible to enrich and  clean up information to the benefit of the accuracy and effectiveness of the document produced

Thanks to its great flexibility and the graphical user interface, Data Transformation is an effective data management tool that makes it possible to simplify the application map to support CCM processes, extracting value from data and putting it at the service of your communication requirements and in support of your business logic.

CCM - data transformation
CCM - design and authoring

Design and Authoring

The Design and Authoring module perfectly meets the needs of customers by enabling the creation of templates that can be used to create any type of communication.  Using the CCM template design tools, the user is guided and facilitated by an intuitive graphical user interface that allows you to define the style and layouts for each document type and communication format for the entire organization.

In addition, Doxee’s Customer Communications Management optimally manages approval flows and enables different permission levels for independent users in the creation of shared document content, allowing them to create information, data, and links without incurring errors or overlaps. The combined use of Doxee’s CCM design and authoring tools create enormous advantages for the company in terms of efficiency and speed in the production of accurate and customized documents, which can be integrated in real time with ad hoc information without the need for an additional approval phase and always meeting the needs of brand identity and standardization, as they are defined in advance at the template level.
The combined use of Doxee CCM’s design and authoring tools make it fast and easy for customers to create accurate and customized documents, which can be integrated with ad-hoc information in real time, without the need for an additional approval phase. Because your brand identity and standardization requirements are defined in advance at the template level, all of the communications you create will be consistent.

Document Production

Doxee CCM empowers business users in the document production phase by providing different tools to support communication processes that are planned, generated on-demand, or even interactive processes as they happen, face-to-face with the customer. For any mode of document production, whether transactional or on demand, for the creation of PDF files, personalized videos created with Doxee Pvideo® or web pages and microsites based on Doxee Pweb®, Doxee Customer Communication Management orchestrates and unifies the design of multichannel workflows, making available the same channels and templates, regardless of the operational mode adopted.

Doxee’s Customer Communications Management product consists of scalable components that enable workflow configuration and application orchestration, as well as providing scalability and workload management capabilities through cloud-enabled flexibility, interoperability with the most̀ popular recurring billing systems, and security in continuity between scheduled and on-demand production, via API or direct “click the button” action.  

CCM - document production
CCM - digital archiving

Digital Archiving

The processes aimed at creating and managing communications require an optimal, structured, and optimized archiving system that enables the rapid retrieval of information and its distribution through the many channels available to the user.

Doxee CCM’s Digital Archiving is the ideal platform for digital preservation, whether for short periods of time or for several years, of various types of content, whatever format they were created in, making them available to the end user in a streamlined and fast way through effective and consistent multichannel distribution.
Whether your archiving needs are for a month or for several years, Doxee CCM’s Digital Archiving is the ideal platform for digital preservation for various types of content, in any format, which are made available to the end user quickly and easily through multichannel distribution. Digital Archiving is the key CCM component for supporting the digitization of document processes and the evolution of a company’s customer experience strategy over time.

Workflow Management

The Workflow Management of Doxee Customer Communications Management and its agile design enables users to easily manage all communication processes based on CCM technologies. The Process Designer is the engine that enables the planning and coordination of all processes involved in document generation. Complex processes can be built in just a few steps thanks to native integration with Data Transformation, which enables data mapping, and the connection between activities and tasks. The simple and intuitive interface makes it possible for the user to build workflows and multilevels that include automated or manual tasks. 

Thanks to the power of the Doxee Process Designer, the time to market for tasks, such as retrieving data from a database, processing it, sending personalized and interactive communications, XSL transformation, etc., are greatly reduced.

CCM - endpoint

Endpoint Customer Journey Management

Digitization is a strong impetus for changing consumer purchasing and service-use habits, which are becoming more and more demanding thanks to the spread of pervasive technologies that are available to everyone. Customers no longer want to be intermediated in their access to information: they want to be at the center of a relationship where they receive relevant and interesting communications that are always aligned with their needs and desires. Nevertheless, highly regulated processes and certain categories of customers still require paper communications. Therefore, it’s essential for companies to have a CCM platform that enables them to manage and deploy communication processes through all available channels to reach their customers.

With Doxee’s CCM, companies are able to respond to this need, totally relieving the company of the operational burdens that come with multichannel distributed messaging, both in terms of overseeing the technical aspects related to digital communication and in reference to the complexities of postal logistics.
The Doxee CCM allows companies to respond to this need, relieving them of the operational burdens that come with distributing messages across multiple channels. Here, Doxee CCM manages the technical aspects related to digital communication, as well as the postal logistics for non-digital communications.


Any document process needs the appropriate monitoring tools to ensure functionality and to provide a detailed analysis of the different stages of document creation and management, right up to the delivery to the recipient. 

The Tracking & Reporting module of Doxee CCM is the main tool for monitoring the full document lifecycle. Tracking & Reporting ensures that the document production process—from creation to delivery—meets your predefined requirements based on the associated service levels, and users can create dynamic, customized reports. 

CCM - analytics
CCM - integrazioni


Integration with existing company systems are critical for accessing the wealth of data that a company has for each of its customers. Because digital interactions produce significant volumes of information in a wide variety of formats, the ability to work synergistically with business systems and enrich data from different sources is essential to the success of any Customer Communications Management strategy. Doxee CCM has ready-to-use connectors that facilitate integration with core business systems, such as SAP, MS Dynamics, and more. 

Salesforce® Document Generation

Providing the best experience for your customers involves the need to establish personalized relationships through the generation of content of various kinds, specifically designed for the recipient whose creation time must be extremely short. To provide a high-quality customer experience, companies need to establish personalized relationships by being able to quickly generate various types of content that is specifically designed for the recipient. This is especially important when using CRM systems that extensively utilize templates to achieve their customer care and sales requirements. The Doxee Salesforce® App supports companies in leveraging the full potential of the Salesforce CRM through the AppExchange marketplace. With the document generation app for Salesforce CRMs, companies can improve usability, operational efficiency, and data quality by tailoring their CRM to their specific requirements and reducing the costly impacts of in-house development. The app makes it easy to prepare contracts, tenders, invoices, and other communications, and allows you to manage the entire process, from document creation to delivery.

CCM - salesforce document generation

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