Doxee has supported the water companies of the Acea Group, a multi-utility company operating in the water, energy, and environment sectors, on a digital transformation project for the company’s B2C communication processes.

As a result of this project, customers of the various Acea Group companies will benefit from innovative digital services based on Doxee’s technologies that simplify access to information while improving the relationship with their water supplier.

The digital bill based on the Doxee Pweb® product is easily scalable for Acea Group companies and it allows each company the necessary autonomy to communicate with the customer in a dedicated tool. It displays customer data related to billing periods, consumption, payment status, as well as information on water quality and ways to avoid waste, all in a single screen.

Sergio Muratori Casali, CEO of Doxee, commented: “We are proud to be working with the Acea Group, as we share the idea of innovation and sustainability as a competitive lever for offering better services, and particular attention to the environment and the use of resources. Doxee’s commitment to ESG encourages us to support customers toward sustainable technology choices to improve the impact on the environment thanks to the digitization that Doxee products can provide. Acea Group’s services also go in this direction, incentivizing the end customer to engage in better digital interaction with the company, reducing waste in the use of paper.

Acea’s business case demonstrates once again how the Doxee interactive experience (ix) products and the Doxee Platform® enable companies to go digital every day, providing tools that put the customer at the center of business strategies through interactive and personalized digital communications for end customers. Thanks to the integrability and delivery characteristics of the Doxee Platform®, ix products can be activated with very short adoption times even in complex contexts and with articulated group structures.

The integration and delivery features of the Doxee Platform® make it easy to activate ix products with little downtime, even in highly articulated and complex organizational structures.

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