Doxee and Zuora have signed a global partnership

Doxee, the Italian leader in the digitalization and dematerialization of document processes in CCM (Customer Communications Management) and in Digital Customer Experience, and Zuora, a leading provider of software for the management of subscription-based business models, have formalized an important business […]

Doxee sponsor of the IAB Forum Milan

Doxee is a Sponsor of the 2019 IAB forum, the event dedicated to digital innovation and online advertising taking place in Milan on November 20-21.   Doxee will be located in […]

Doxee will be take part in the European Utility Week, Paris 12-14 November 

Doxee will be take part in the upcoming European Utility Week, in Paris the leading event for organizations in the smart energy sector.     Today, energy and utility industry organizations are undergoing a major transformation. Digitization is having a major impact on communication processes, where purely transactional, high-volume communication is giving way to communication that generates valuable content, involves the customer, and creates relationships.   […]