Doxee will be at Netcomm Forum 2019, the annual event on e-commerce, digital retail and business innovation taking place in Milan on May 29-30.

On May 29, Claudio Cerulli, the Head of Customer Experience at Doxee, will present “Personalized and interactive videos: Engage, interact and convert using video-personalization, in every step of your customer journey”. During this session, he will demonstrate the potential of Doxee Pvideo®, the personalized video service that allows interactive and personalized communication with customers and helps customers convey messages in an efficient, engaging, and memorable way.

Doxee Pvideo® combines the power of personalized storytelling with the effectiveness of actions directly in the video content, with high conversion rates. Discover how to communicate effectively with millions of users, establishing consistent and valuable two-way communication.


The theme of this year’s Netcomm Forum is the digital revolution. The event will involve around 15,000 companies with more than 90 sessions and host more than 200 exhibitors.

Netcomm Forum is a unique opportunity to discover the most innovative trends in the evolution of consumers and new technologies, deepen knowledge of the digital disruption, and to connect with industry professionals in the digital ecosystem.

The event will cover the following topics:

  • Big data & AI (data economy: perspectives and solutions in a context increasingly driven by intelligent data analysis);
  • Export (how to address global digital markets: the strategies, operational approaches, elements of attention);
  • Legal & fiscal (current and future requirements: the impact of regulatory and fiscal aspects for companies);
  • Logistics (the logistics supply chain at the heart of digital retail: prospects and solutions from warehouse management to last mile, up to reverse logistics; developments for logistics operators and companies);
  • Marketing (marketing for digital companies: strategies, channels, and technologies to support branding, experience, engagement, and customer care objectives);
  • Omnichannel & digital retail (building a unified customer journey between digital channels and physical touch points; the consumer perspective, the needs of merchants and business solutions);
  • Payment (present and future payment systems in the light of new tech solutions, consumer behavior and the evolution of the regulatory framework; opportunities and challenges for brands and players in the payment chain);
  • Technology & platform (technology innovations are redesigning the relationship with the customer and the way of doing business; the opportunities and challenges of companies between new technologies and new areas of application).


Netcomm Forum 2018:

  • 15k participants
  • 189 exhibitors
  • 3 institutional conferences
  • 94 workshops
  • 177 speakers



MiCo – Milan Congresses

North Wing Entrance: Via Gattamelata 5, 20149 Milan – MiCo Gate 14


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