Dematerialization, the incremental process of eliminating paper documents, and dematerialize business processes is a key area of focus for public sector organizations and government institutions seeking to improve efficiency and reduce costs. To minimize risk, many have approached this through incremental steps leading up to the “switch-off”, when paper is completely eliminated. Recognizing the potential represented by dematerialization, many government bodies have adopted a “per process” approach to dematerialization aimed at digitizing entire organizational processes in order to obtain greater benefits.

Through our Center of Excellence for Dematerialization, we have developed the technologies and strategies that help public sector organizations achieve their dematerialization goals. Our use of technologies like advanced electronic signature and biometrics and payment processes provide the governance needed to eliminate paper, while effectively managing risk.

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Real-World Results

Doxee Paperless Communications conform to a variety of business models, government and corporate strategies and processes. They can improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve service and customer satisfaction. Operational costs are minimized, taking advantage of economies of scale and continual technological innovations.