Doxee Pvideo® in travel and leisure: The case of Club Family Hotel

The tourism and hospitality industry has grown exponentially in recent years and is now one of the most important sectors of the world economy. Tour operators are now experiencing a period of strong competition that leads them to face new challenges in order to stand out and attract tourists. Tourism marketing

has therefore evolved and adapted more and more to a digital user who is always online and who prefers personalized experiences. Club Family Hotel, an Italian family-friendly hotel chain, is well aware of this and offers experiences tailored to the age, characteristics, and needs of its customers. 

Personalized communications for personalized experiences

To further improve the experience already personalized according to the needs of its customers, the hotel chain has decided to create an equally personalized communication that is designed specifically for its customers, taking advantage of the full potential of personalized videos Doxee Pvideo®. In an increasingly competitive scenario, Club Family Hotel has understood the need to differentiate not only in its offering, but also in the communication to customers, who will feel important and pampered even before leaving home. 

The new communication of Club Family Hotel

Club Family Hotel and Doxee created a campaign based on Doxee Pvideo® technology aimed at increasing bookings, exploiting the full potential of personalization and involvement as a result of the interactive videos. Club Family Hotel, thanks to the personalized Doxee Pvideo®, was able to attract the attention of the customer with a captivating and engaging video, which was personalized with text, images, and audio according to the needs of the family and the age of the children and completely adaptable to the needs of each recipient. In addition, thanks to the call-to-action that refers directly to the booking page, the customer can confirm and proceed with the purchase of the stay directly within the video.  

The communication strategy of Club family Hotel was immediately successful. Nearly 44,000 videos generated  and 80% of the people who received the personalized video watched it until the end. This is further confirmation that increasingly individualized communication with consumers is one of the most important levers for supporting sales processes. The videos, personalized according to the profile and personal tastes of the client and his family, help companies involve the tourist to make him feel special and an integral part of the process, not just any tourist then, but the guest who needs much more than just a room.

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The case of Club Family Hotel

Doxee Pvideo® in travel and leisure

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