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Discover how the travel & tourism sector has changed thanks to digital transformation and why accommodation facilities and travel agencies are offering tailor-made travel and experiences and personalized communications for every need.

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Innovation in the travel industry through personalization

he travel sector is now a leading sector in digital transformation. Accommodation facilities and travel agencies were among the first to use digital tools in their communications to engage travel communities and ensure that their customers have the best possible experience, even away from home.  However, digital tools are constantly evolving, the demand for travel is growing, and the market has seen the entry of new

competitors, especially digital natives such as online travel aggregators (OTAs). For this reason, to gain a competitive advantage, players in the tourism industry are always looking for the latest and best ways to reach their customers and personalize their offer. Doxee, which specializes in personalized and interactive communications, offers the ultimate boost to the tourism industry with products that engage and retain their customers.

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Personalization in the travel & tourism sector

The impact of digital transformation on the travel sector

Personalization in the travel sector: the case of Club Family Hotel

In an age when travelers are increasingly connected and looking for highly personalized experiences, accommodation facilities must innovate to meet customer expectations. Club Family Hotel, an Italian chain of family hotels, has decided to focus on personalizing the customer experience, which are tailored to the needs of the family and the age of the children. And that’s not all: Club family Hotel has also chosen to personalize its communication and make it more effective and engaging thanks to Doxee Pvideo®.

We were able to revive the soul of our offer in a personalized and captivating way ... we can only say thank you for this fruitful collaboration

Carlo Acampora - Club Family Hotel - COO