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permission marketing video

Guerrilla marketing and Permission marketing: the role of animated videos in inbound strategies

An animated video with 180 million views on Youtube, a song that, just hours after its launch,[…]

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Guerrilla marketing and video marketing: differences and similarities of two popular tools

Guerrilla marketing can be defined as the set of unconventional tactics used to achieve conventional goals (above all: profit) within a small budget.[…]

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customer retention in travel sector

Customer retention in travel sector: how to turn travellers into loyal customers thanks to new communication technologies

For humans, the act of traveling is almost as old as humanity itself. For companies doing business in the travel industry,[…]

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increase revenue with up-sell and cross-sell

Increase revenue in the tourism industry with upsell and cross-sell through tailor-made operations

When you travel, what inspires your next destination, and how do you choose the right accommodation, where to eat when you get there,[…]

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travel industry marketing videos

Travel industry marketing videos: personalization is the definitive boost for customer care

True success in the future of travel will be all about personalization and the impact will be greatest in the travel industry marketing videos.[…]

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personalization in travel sector

Personalization: The new trend of the Travel & Tourism sector

Tourists around the world are increasing every year.
If in 1990 they were “only” 400 million tourists, and “only”[…]

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B2E and Employee Experience: Use digital tools to increase retention and well-being at work

B2E (Business-to-Employee) refers to actions between the company and its personnel at the corporate level such as recruiting,[…]

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how to increase travel sector conversions

How to increase conversions in the travel sector: 5 effective methods

If you asked most people to make a list of the things they dream about, in that list, there will be at least one trip to someplace in the world,[…]

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pubblica amministrazione e marketing

Public Administration and digital marketing: some advice and 3 examples

Often, the relationship between Italy and its Public Administration is seen more like one of the adversaries than allies, slow,[…]

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Effective storytelling

Effective storytelling – how to create engaging stories able to capture your readers’ attention


What is storytelling?

In the Neolithic age, the first storytellers used cave walls,[…]

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