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Video Content Marketing

4 reasons why you need to use Video Content Marketing

Communication.  Engagement.  Interaction.  These kinds of words, and others like them, have become the mantras of marketing gurus and business attraction experts.[…]

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live streaming marketing

Live streaming marketing: a substitute or an aid to video marketing?

Live streaming, very similar to traditional radio and television broadcasting, is a data stream that contains audio and video information that is transmitted from a source and that via a telematic network,[…]

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database contacts

Doxee transforms your database contacts into loyal customers

Through Doxee Interactive Experience, your company’s databases are transformed into a wealth of knowledge; the customer is directed to the customer journey while building customer loyalty.[…]

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content based digital communication tools

Doxee and the introduction of content based digital communication tools for insurance companies

Innovating in content-based digital communication tools is not easy, and even more so in an industry such as insurance where there is increased competition for the online policy.[…]

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italian banking sector

Customer communication in the italian banking sector: The impact of the digital revolution

In Lessons from Europe for American Business (1963), Leon C. Megginson, an essayist and Professor of Management and Marketing at Louisiana State University,[…]

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video marketing strategy 

Statistics that should be influencing your video marketing strategy in 2019

When it comes to content, of all the mediums you could use to reach your target audience, which is the most accessible,[…]

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video campaign

4 tips for creating a personalized video campaign for customers/policyholders

In this blog, you will find 4 tips for creating a personalized video campaign for customers in the insurance sector.[…]

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Sorgenia has launched Nexty, the online video bill that improves the customer experience

Thanks to the digital revolution, like many industries, utilities are experiencing a period of unprecedented change. The challenges for digital marketing in this field are complex,[…]

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energy billing service

Energy billing service: from compliance to a new communication tool

Can billing become an effective communication tool for energy companies?

Until a few years ago,[…]

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online video advertising

Online video advertising for Insurance companies

Why should online insurance companies invest in online video advertising? To intercept and retain consumers in light of their buying habits in the digital age.[…]

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