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the cloud computing in insurance

The Impact of Cloud Computing on the Insurance Industry

Cloud computing is having a huge impact on the insurance industry, with benefits for internal processes, new customer acquisition,[…]

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cloud computing trends

Cloud Computing – 7 new trends for the future

In the business world, there are few technologies that have had a greater impact than Cloud Computing.

According to a 2018 study by Gartner,[…]

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The importance of Cloud Computing for improving Customer Service processes

Cloud Computing has become a central, precious, and indispensable element of our current digital ecosystem.

According to a 2018 study by Gartner,[…]

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big data and cloud computing relationship

Big Data and Cloud Computing relationship: a perfect combination

Today there are two major issues at the heart of IT specifically and business in general: Cloud Computing,[…]

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5 benefits of cloud computing

Five benefits of using Cloud Computing systems

Cloud Computing technologies are now indispensable, at all levels, in the “online lives” of individuals but especially in the business processes of companies in all industries,[…]

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Bell Labs: where the technology turns into present

Bell Labs: the place where the present was born and the future as invented

There is a place on this planet where – year after year – the future is invented and transformed into the present.[…]

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When was cloud computing born?

You are in Sydney. You take a picture of the Opera House, with the ocean in the background. You like the shot,[…]

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The unique benefits of native-cloud CCM and CX

Around the world, enterprises are heading to the cloud. The global cloud computing market is on pace to reach $270 billion by the end of the decade,[…]

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