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consideration customer journey

The consideration phase in the customer journey: Unconventional marketing to evolve the brand-customer relationship

One of the most fundamental aspects of the customer journey is where consumers exercise their freedom of choice.[…]

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How to use lead generation and content marketing to convert prospects into customers

In our daily lives, we are immersed in constantly changing flows of information and data. Just think of our Facebook wall,[…]

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cos'è il guerrilla marketing

What is guerrilla marketing?

Talking about guerrilla marketing cannot be limited to a list of the main techniques used, no matter how ingenious.[…]

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What is digital transformation: 4 definitions for a revolution

“Digital transformation” is perhaps one of the most used expressions in recent years. It is often used in reference to business,[…]

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asset management industry communication

Communication in the asset management industry: 5 strategy mistakes to avoid

Asset management has always been an important market within the financial system. In an attempt to cope with the stress of the financial crisis some years ago,[…]

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the advantages of integrated communication

Social and savings management: The advantages of integrated communication

Until a few years ago, the worlds of managed savings and social networks would have been considered completely incompatible.[…]

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what is b2e

What is B2E and why it is becoming increasingly important, thanks to digital transformation

The labor market for today’s hyper-accelerated business world is increasingly open, fluid, and competitive.

This is the result of profound change at the political,[…]

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trends of the asset management industry

Top asset management industry trends in 2019

For local governments, asset management is an important sector that can help generate liquidity and enable more efficient allocation of funds.[…]

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corporate Social Media Strategy

The role of a corporate Social Media Strategy

Social media is now a common tool in corporate communication toolbox. However, if you don’t stay up to date with the most recent algorithm and platform changes,[…]

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why email is still important

Why email is still important and the best way to reach customers

When it comes to communicating with your customers and prospects, although social still has to be part of the marketing strategy,[…]

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