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New marketing buzzwords signal big changes in who, what and how.

Every year, the world’s dictionaries publish new words. Last year alone, the Oxford Dictionary added over 1500 entries in its latest update.[…]

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What marketers can learn from The Flintstones, Scooby-Doo, Lupin, and Princess Mononoke

In the early stages of television, adverts were mainly live theatrical broadcasts featuring actors that recommended items to be purchased.[…]

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Marketers can learn a lot from movie trailers

The movie industry is a 286 billion dollar giant. Maybe you never thought about it, but a lot of this success is based on short video clips –[…]

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The three marketing buzzwords of October

Every year, the world’s dictionaries publish new words. Last year alone, the Oxford Dictionary added over 1500 entries in its latest update.[…]

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Importance of video, by the numbers

Videos have already become the main source of traffic online. They increasingly influence the consumers’ behavior online. If once videos were considered an optional luxury for big-budget corporations,[…]

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Videos in today’s marketing: Dispelling the myths

In 2020, more than the 80% of all web traffic will be from video consumption (source: Cisco). Today,[…]

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Multi-, omni-, cross-channel communication: similar terms, different meanings

With the introduction of e-mail, paper (for a long time used for all kind of business communications) has been gradually put aside through a “[…]

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The three marketing buzzwords of September

For September, we analyze three new buzzwords: retargeting, visual listening, and martech.

By now,[…]

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Financial services bank on the future of digital and CX

Traditional banking as we know it could be close to an end. A recent Gartner report shows how the changing demographics of banking consumers are of grave concern to financial services’[…]

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Paul Campani and the Art of Storytelling.

Italy. 3 February 1957, 8:50 P.M.

It’s the very first episode of a revolutionary, ad-based Italian television show.[…]

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