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Buyer Persona

What is a Buyer Persona?

In an ever-changing and increasingly digital world, a one-size-fits-all approach no longer works. The growth of your business depends on your ability to effectively target the right audiences for your products and services.[…]

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customer experience in Public Administration

Customer Experience in Public Administration: the advantages of digital transformation

In the Public Administration as well as in the private sector, the customer experience has become fundamental and the reasons are not so different.[…]

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common errors in managing the customer experience

The 5 most common errors in managing the negative experiences that threaten Customer Experience

We’re in the so-called “Age of the Customer.” The customer is and will be the primary focus of any company in any sector.[…]

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storytelling and public administration

Storytelling and Public Administration: why the PA needs to tells its story

Storytelling isn’t just for companies; local governments and public administration offices also need to tell their stories. The only catch?[…]

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customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping: how to design touchpoints for user

Customer journey mapping is “a diagram that illustrates the steps your customer(s) go through in engaging with your company” (HBR).[…]

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how to differentiate a brand in travel sector

How to differentiate a brand in the travel sector and stand out from the crowd

The Travel & Tourism sector is constantly expanding and changing, thanks to the digital revolution. In this ever-changing ecosystem,[…]

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customer experience in utilities

The fundamental role of customer experience in the utilities – the water sector

In the utility industry, and in the water sector in particular, customer experience has never been so important.[…]

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communication in public administration

Communication in public administration: the state of art between delays and digitalization in Italy

Today’s citizens have embraced digital, and as a result, are increasingly demanding when it comes to services and customer experience.[…]

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Utility innovation technology

Utility innovation technology: the challenges of technological innovation and communication with users for companies in the water sector

Everything changes and everything is renewed, in nature, as well as in business. Companies must be able to adapt to those changes and ride the wave of transformation in order to survive and thrive.[…]

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company and customer

How the IoT is creating a stronger connection between company and customer

Europe has recently taken a big step towards using the Internet of Things (IoT) across industries. This is having a huge effect on how companies in the continent run their businesses.[…]

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