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company and customer

How the IoT is creating a stronger connection between company and customer

Europe has recently taken a big step towards using the Internet of Things (IoT) across industries. This is having a huge effect on how companies in the continent run their businesses.[…]

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behavioral loyalty

The importance of behavioral loyalty in the Utility industry: how to retain customers through personalization

Today the main challenge for companies in the Utility sector is to retain their customers in a market that has become fluid and hyper-competitive.[…]

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reduce customer churn rate

5 methods to reduce customer churn rate in the utilities sector

Customer churn is a reality that almost every company has to deal with, especially those in the hyper-competitive Utilities and Energy sector.[…]

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role of IT in banking sector

Digitalization and the role of IT in banking sector: 8 trends for the future

Identifying trends is never easy. It’s not easy to get the forecasts right, so the act of trying to predict what might happen may seem like a presumptuous intention.[…]

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B2B customer experience

How to improve your B2B customer experience with personalized videos

Creating and developing a B2B customer experience strategy may seem simple, but it can be difficult if you’re not working with the right partner.[…]

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prediction analysis tools

Churn rate in the Utility sector: how to monitor it with prediction analysis tools

The churn rate in the market for water, electricity and gas suppliers is constantly – and dangerously –[…]

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online policies

Online policies? Upselling and cross-selling in a competitive market

Online insurance, especially for third-party auto liability coverage, has grown considerably in recent years, and this growth has been accompanied by a proliferation of ghost brokers and fake websites designed to scam consumers.[…]

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customer acquisition in the banking sector

Customer acquisition in the banking sector: how to create an effective customer experience

For some time now, the importance of ensuring high levels of customer experience has been emphasized in order to allow a business to grow and to consolidate its relationships with customers. […]

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customer loyalty in the banking sector

9 tips for improving engagement and customer loyalty in the banking sector

In the finance and banking sector, customer communication isn’t easy, which makes building customer loyalty in the banking sector an even bigger challenge.[…]

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what is customer churn rate

What is customer churn rate: the black hole that swallows customers and profits in the utility sector

According to a widely known and cited analysis by Bain & Company, winning a new customer costs a company 6 to 7 more than retaining one. […]

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