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Storytelling: the most modern, ancient marketing tool

Humans might have become different, more complex animals right at the moment when they started telling stories.

At one point,[…]

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When marketing videos fail: five of the worst

We have told you many interesting stories on how videos can be impactful and effective-not only in marketing,[…]

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Synthetic voices: a brief history (to help your marketing strategy)

Imagine a machine that can talk just like a human being, understanding our questions, and replying with meaningful information. Until not too long ago,[…]

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Doxee and Enel: a successful, ever-evolving partnership

Enel is an Italian multinational manufacturer and distributor of electricity and gas. The company, first established as a public body at the end of 1962,[…]

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With GDPR, the EU privacy regulations will enter a new era: Are you ready for it?

There’s a date: 25 May 2018. There’s an acronym: GDPR, which means General Data Protection Regulation. […]

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Here is why personalization beats virality 3 to 0

In our time, in which social media are our bread and butter, a very common dream among communication and marketing professionals is virality,[…]

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From the early TV debates to the digital era: what is the role of videos in politics?

Politics, by definition, is the art of governing.

And when – luckily! – the government is democratic, politics inevitably intertwines with terms such as persuasion,[…]

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What if your next financial advisor was an avatar?

Well, if your bank was the Italian CREDEM, it just might be the case. But wait –[…]

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Our most popular stories in 2017

Well, another year has gone by. Many things happened on our planet in the past 365 days. Some were awesome,[…]

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