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improve the customer experience

How improve the customer experience with a CCM strategy

When it comes to being competitive, improve the customer experience is a strategic factor. Positive customer experience depends on the quality of communication,[…]

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ccm strategy advantages

The 5 advantages of an effective CCM strategy

Adopting a CCM strategy poses significant challenges for every company, but it is also an opportunity to radically change the way the company works and communicates.[…]

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A new innovative communication: from the omni-channel approach to Customer Communication Management

The way companies communicate has changed. There is no longer a single channel, but many. There is no longer a single device,[…]

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How to increase engagement through a new way of communicating: the digital transformation of users through Customer Communication Management (CCM)

How can companies intercept consumers who are increasingly connected, demanding, and distracted? It starts by changing the way we communicate by adopting a new approach that starts with the customer and not the product.[…]

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Is Italy really ready to embrace digital transformation? Challenges and benefits

Digital transformation has changed everything, from how users buy, to the strategies that companies must adopt to be successful.[…]

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What is digital transformation: 4 definitions for a revolution

“Digital transformation” is perhaps one of the most used expressions in recent years. It is often used in reference to business,[…]

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customer communication management

What is Customer Communications Management?

There are many reasons that companies need to communicate with their customers. From the practical—billing, service announcements, product upgrades—to the aspirational—membership drives,[…]

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