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Toward a single payment market: how PSD2 regulation promises to reunify Europe with development of online payments

With the PSD2, the European government hopes to streamline online payment methods across the EU and in doing so, support a strategic sector for the economy.[…]

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What is digital transformation: 4 definitions for a revolution

“Digital transformation” is perhaps one of the most used expressions in recent years. It is often used in reference to business,[…]

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From PSD to PSD2: how the regulatory environment for digital payments has changed in the European Union

PSD2 is the major regulatory change facing banking stakeholders in the European Union this September. What is the impact of this legislation?[…]

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Dematerialization in the Public Administration: The situation in Italy

There has been talk of dematerialisation for the Italian Public Administration for many years now, but finding the right strategy to implement this revolution has proven difficult.[…]

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asset management industry communication

Communication in the asset management industry: 5 strategy mistakes to avoid

Asset management has always been an important market within the financial system. In an attempt to cope with the stress of the financial crisis some years ago,[…]

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advantages of dematerialization in public administration

Public Administration: The advantages of dematerialization

Dematerialization is a growing trend that promises savings, but also the simplification of processes and increased efficiency. However,[…]

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the advantages of integrated communication

Social and savings management: The advantages of integrated communication

Until a few years ago, the worlds of managed savings and social networks would have been considered completely incompatible.[…]

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dematerialization in public administration

Dematerialization in the Italian Public Administration

When we talk about the dematerialization of the Public Administration in Italy, we are referring to a promise that has long been unfulfilled.[…]

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trends of the asset management industry

Top asset management industry trends in 2019

For local governments, asset management is an important sector that can help generate liquidity and enable more efficient allocation of funds.[…]

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asset management companies

Virtuous practices for asset management companies in Italy

Let’s start by taking a closer look at what a financial intermediary and, in particular, an asset management company does.[…]

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