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pubblica amministrazione e marketing

Public Administration and digital marketing: some advice and 3 examples

Often, the relationship between Italy and its Public Administration is seen more like one of the adversaries than allies, slow,[…]

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marketing strategy for public administration

How to build a digital marketing strategy for the Public Administration

The Public Administration also needs to build a marketing plan that is able to take advantage of the benefits offered by digital transformation and thus provide better services for citizens.[…]

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new public administration technologies

New public administration technologies: The future is here

Digitalization has changed everything, including the way we innovate.

The pace at which we need to update is constantly increasing,[…]

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digital transformation in Public Administration

5 challenges for digital transformation in Public Administration

Digital transformation in Public Administration is good for a country and its citizens. In fact, implementing digital technology within government institutions is an opportunity that must be seized as soon as possible.[…]

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customer experience in Public Administration

Customer Experience in Public Administration: the advantages of digital transformation

In the Public Administration as well as in the private sector, the customer experience has become fundamental and the reasons are not so different.[…]

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storytelling and public administration

Storytelling and Public Administration: why the PA needs to tells its story

Storytelling isn’t just for companies; local governments and public administration offices also need to tell their stories. The only catch?[…]

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communication plan of the public administration

The communication plan of the Public Administration – What it takes for Public Administrations to effectively communicate with citizens

Digital transformation is changing how governments can communicate with citizens. In this post, we’ll look at how the law is shaping public administration communications in Italy.[…]

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communication in public administration

Communication in public administration: the state of art between delays and digitalization in Italy

Today’s citizens have embraced digital, and as a result, are increasingly demanding when it comes to services and customer experience.[…]

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successful digital campaign

Personalized videos from Doxee deliver a successful digital campaign: The Credem case study

The banking sector, like many other business sectors, also has to deal with digitalization.

Although the use of digital technologies in this field is lower than for others (such as in e-commerce or food,[…]

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communication in finance

Communication in Finance – the age of digital marketing

In the finance sector, digital has encouraged the development of new products and services, and it’s forcing companies to redesign their business model in order to be competitive.[…]

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