HR specialist

With the goal of widening our HR team we are looking for a recruiter with a complete experience, from attracting, sourcing and screening candidates to conducting interviews and hiring.

The candidate will work regularly with the department managers in order to identify their hiring needs and attract new talents using digital methods, social media and referrals. A previous working experience is required, preferably in the IT sector.

Main responsibilities

  • Design and implement overall recruiting strategies
  • Provide analytics of every role in order to document the needs for each position
  • Develop and update job descriptions and job specifications
  • Prepare recruitment material and post jobs on various public channels
  • Source and recruit candidates using databases, social media, etc.
  • Screen candidates with resumes and job applications
  • Conduct interviews using the reliable methods to filter candidates
  • Assest the candidate’s skill, their knowledge, soft skills, experience and attitude
  • Provide analytical and structured reports to the team
  • Keep up to date with the best practices and trends in the HR field
  • Act as a point of contact and build relations with the candidates during the recruiting and selection process
  • Promote the company’s reputation and employer branding


  • Proven work experience in the role (as an in-house recruiter or as a staffing agency recruiter), preferably in the IT sector
  • Dexterity with the main social medias and HR recruiting platflorms
  • Experience with recruiting softwares (especially Workable) and human resource information systems
  • Ability to conduct different types of interviews (structured, competence-based, etc.)
  • Experience with various selections methods (video or phone interview, referral verification, etc.)
  • Ability to organize skill and ability assesstment tests
  • Excellent communication ability, both oral and written
  • Ability to create and maintain effective and long-lasting relations based on trust
  • Ability to manage efficiently time and to respect schedules
  • Strong decision-making skills
  • BS/MS in Human resource management, Business administration or similar
  • Good knowledge of the MS Office tools