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chatbot online

Eudata customer contact 2018: AI, personalized videos and chatbot online for customer service

The development of artificial intelligence and the technology revolution that it has activated is becoming one of the main drivers for the creation of tools that organizations can use to build closer relationships with customers and markets.[…]

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digital invoice format

How to turn the new digital invoice format into an opportunity to communicate with your customers

The new digital invoice format opens up an unexpected channel of communication with customers who can be reached with content that is relevant and strategic for the company and that can convey CTAs and commercial messages.[…]

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omnichannel customer experience

Omnichannel customer experience in insurance: How to make accident claims and renewals fun and engaging

Insurance companies have to deal with two “physiological” moments in their relationship with customers: Managing renewals and managing accident claims.[…]

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digital touchpoints

Customer journey and digital touchpoints: how to track the customer experience in a digital world

In modern marketing, the customer journey is defined as “the complete sum of experiences that customers go through when interacting with your company and brand.” “The full experience of being a customer” is under the analysis of marketers.[…]

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italian banking sector

Customer communication in the italian banking sector: The impact of the digital revolution

In Lessons from Europe for American Business (1963), Leon C. Megginson, an essayist and Professor of Management and Marketing at Louisiana State University,[…]

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video marketing strategy 

Statistics that should be influencing your video marketing strategy in 2019

When it comes to content, of all the mediums you could use to reach your target audience, which is the most accessible,[…]

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electronic invoicing system

Electronic invoicing system: Challenges and opportunities

The new electronic invoicing system in Italy will impact companies, Public Administration, and the creation of a single European digital market.[…]

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How to retain customers online

How to retain customers online in the age of Insurance 4.0

How to retain customers online? Insurance 4.0 is already a reality. The latest survey of Big Data Analytics &[…]

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video campaign

4 tips for creating a personalized video campaign for customers/policyholders

In this blog, you will find 4 tips for creating a personalized video campaign for customers in the insurance sector.[…]

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