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Sorgenia has launched Nexty, the online video bill that improves the customer experience

Thanks to the digital revolution, like many industries, utilities are experiencing a period of unprecedented change. The challenges for digital marketing in this field are complex,[…]

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energy billing service

Energy billing service: from compliance to a new communication tool

Can billing become an effective communication tool for energy companies?

Until a few years ago,[…]

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go downstream

Go downstream! – New opportunities for the Utility Industry to increase revenue per user

In nature, those species who are unable to adapt to changes in the environment will not survive. The same is true for business.[…]

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online video advertising

Online video advertising for Insurance companies

Why should online insurance companies invest in online video advertising? To intercept and retain consumers in light of their buying habits in the digital age.[…]

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increase revenue

Increase revenue through upselling and cross selling – 5 effective tips for Utilities and energy companies

Expanding your services with existing customers by upselling or cross-selling is a strategy proven to increase revenue,[…]

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What’s Behind Your Online Shopping? Mostly AWS

AirBnB, Spotify, and Netflix are three of today’s fastest growing digital businesses.

Behind these successful firms there is a company that many aren’t familiar with and most will never know the scope of (beyond its infamous parent company).[…]

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how to use big data

How to use big data in a proper way in the Insurance sector – 7 tips

Big data offers an opportunity for many industries, and those like banking and insurance are under increased pressure to exploit it to improve customer service,[…]

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big data technologies

Big data technologies and engagement in the Utility sector: how to increase customers loyalty

For utility companies who want to take advantage of big data technologies, it’s an opportunity to increase customer engagement and build trust and loyalty.[…]

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invoicing procedures

Electronic Invoicing Procedures: 7 questions

As of January 1, 2019, the electronic invoicing law in Italy is now in effect. Because the law covers all transactions (with a small number of exceptions),[…]

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