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Many to One Video Arrives: the new wave of Personalized Video Marketing

It was a significant development in the history of graphic communications and it immediately changed the way marketers create, produce, deliver and test the effectiveness of print communication. Marketers were always able to profile customers based on demographics (who), “geographic” (where) and psychographics (understanding why customers buy, “re-buy” or don’t buy). But they were never able to use this information to create highly targeted, personalized video messages directed to one customer-at-a-time. It was now possible to change the content of every marketing piece for each prospect/customer. And print was just the beginning, as we will explore in this blog.   

Why Video Marketing Personalization can be the key-to-success for modern marketers

It is fair to ask why it is critical to personalize marketing content regardless of the media.

The most compelling reasons are the following:

  1. It is a proven fact that individuals respond better when the message is personalized to them (see here for research data on this behavior).
  2. You have the capability to extend/propagate the marketing message to other media (email, web, social media AND video (we’ll get to that in a moment) that is tailored to the wants of the recipient. And if you look at measurable results with personalization the data is very convincing.  
  3. The ability to be able to send each person a different message allows you to test the effectiveness of the variable content in the communications – an “A/B test” or as explained here, “controlled experimentation”.


Dynamic Content Personalization in the modern marketing era

Dynamic content with respect to the web, email and social are the fundamental building blocks of these mediums, and what drives response in using them. In fact, a study by Janrain shows that two-thirds of adults would leave a website if shown the wrong ad.

Personalized Video Marketing, the new one-to-one marketing tool

But what about video? This is the burning question that is being raised by marketers as we see video viewing rise exponentially year after year, especially in relation to other forms of communications.  (The stats on the growth of this media could fill up this entire blog so for the latest check out this post from Lemonlight studios).

What seems apparent is that personalized video marketing (one-to-one) is fast becoming the next revolution in the marketing media mix. It provides a highly effective strategy for delivering a virtually unlimited number of messages with each one perfectly tailored to the interest of individual customers.  When you consider the number of hours people spend looking at videos on their smartphones – according to Quartz, 30 minutes a day – can you think of anything more important than “relevance” to break through the clutter?  Today with the power of personalized video marketing technology you can:

  1. Use extremely relevant data to drive customer-specific content
  2. Select specific imagery for each viewer to capture and retain interest
  3. Create custom voiceovers with localized accents/dialects
  4. Foster interactivity for insight and intelligence, and data gathering
  5. Track and evaluate where the viewer goes within the video, and how long they stay on each section

Personalized Video Marketing offers a unique customer experience, not easily duplicated in other forms of marketing communication. Perhaps the most important being “gamification”.

Dynamic Video Marketing Personalization

The latest development with this technology is the ability to change the path of the video while the viewer is watching it. 

It is very akin to the sophisticated electronic games in which you have various “roads” you can take and as you move through one, others become available – while still others are no longer passable.

So how does this translate to success in a video marketing campaign?

Let’s suppose that you are a financial services company and you have a just secured a new customer – from your online banking site. You don’t know exactly what services they are interested in – IRA, Education Loans, Car Loans  – so you need for them to “tell you.” With personalized video, they can “self-identify” what services are of interest to them. As they pass through the interactive video, they are shown a series of options and depending on what they select, they see content specific to their needs. Best of all, you can track it and then remarket to them accordingly.  It is far easier to show it, then explain it so click here for an example developed by Doxee.

Video Marketing and Personalization: a wide range of applications

Today we can not only develop a communication completely relevant to the intended recipient, but use it to hear back from them—very sophisticated “sonar.” Personalized video Marketing allows you to deliver highly targeted audio and video messages, ask questions, and based on response, link viewers to relevant content within the same video or to a dynamic website that continues the conversation (from where the video left off).  In fact, as we discussed in a previous blog, in Italy there are cities that are using personalized marketing videos as part of a complete multi-media campaign to successfully collect taxes. Check it out

As for data and image content, it can easily change within the video for each recipient. We know from our previous discussion that personalized content generates an improved result. But just as with digital print, it is the ability to run tests that is a real advantage of this medium. With the newest personalized marketing video technologies, marketers can test the effectiveness of different content “delivered” differently – not delivered in the sense of cloud versus web versus email, etc.  (of course, the most efficient and commonly-used delivery to the device is the cloud), but in the larger and more important context of the “impression” delivered.

To clarify, if you are sending a “New Mom” video on baby products, once the viewer picks the sex of the baby at the start of the video, you can test how the Mom reacts to various imagery and other content. Does the difference in the images have to reflect the sex of the child or is this not required for a better response? Does the addition of the name of the family in the pictures and text make a difference? How about the background colors used and the style of the graphics? All of these “attributes” of your video can be tested to determine the exact combination for the highest response. And setting it up is as simple as deciding what “actions” to track  — and measuring the results. As marketers know well, every picture means increases in image licensing or production fees so if you can identify what changes will make a difference, it will make a big difference in the bottom line of your development costs.  Static video can’t do it. It’s just one message to many. OPTIONAL LINK: More about tracking here ( Link to example of Doxee Pvideo tracking).

There are many exciting opportunities with this new media and the emergence of mobile phones as our only phones (more than half in 2016)  provides a unique opportunity for marketers. All of us are looking at videos on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. We give these videos micro-seconds to grab our interest or we click them off like a light switch. That is why personalized video will make a difference in your campaign’s success.  Grab your audience with relevant voiceover, text and graphics. For customer programs, start by thanking them by name for being a great customer – and you will have them. Give them options to select the areas of interest and let them set them their own path. Make every message relevant, especially the ones that you know will affect a difference in response. Add in response mechanisms. Track what they view and how long they watch it. And above all, respect them. As I like to say, show them you know them.

What makes this media so attractive, is that with our current and future computing power the speed of personalized video delivery, the amount of content streamed or downloaded, and the complexity is sure to dramatically increase every year (Moore’s Law may not hold up but according to the “coders” we’ll find new approaches to more speed). This means that over time the personalized video will be able to provide increased marketing impact with greater interactivity — than it already does. I can easily see the medium incorporating AI. Just like the newest video games that take “gamification” to the next level.  For marketers, it is time to start experimenting with personalized video and seeing how your response rates can reach levels you never thought possible.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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