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Where did storytelling originate

Where did storytelling originate? The “Stone Bible” of Modena

Where did the storytelling originate?: Well, in the Italian city of Modena, one figure rises prominently and proudly on the city skyline.[…]

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The war for consumers’ attention: 5 personalized video campaigns that got it right

Personalized video campaigns, how to win the consumer’s attention: You’re walking in your local supermarket.[…]

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Personalized video KPI and variable data in modern video marketing

I recall a symposium that I was giving on 1-to-1 marketing in Dallas to marketing executives from the Southwest. I asked them this question: “How many attributes [great definition here] can you identify in a customer where you are absolutely sure that if you make them variable – and extremely relevant to them – versus static – guarantees you an improved ROI on your campaign?  […]

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Many to One Video Arrives: the new wave of Personalized Video Marketing

It was a significant development in the history of graphic communications and it immediately changed the way marketers create, produce,[…]

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