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Fastweb entrusts Doxee with the dematerialization of business processes and the customer communication management


With 2.4 million customers, Fastweb is a major Italian telecommunications operator. The company offers a wide range of voice and data services, fixed communication, and mobile, to households and businesses.

Since its creation in 1999, the company has focused on innovation and network infrastructure to provide high quality, ultra-broadband services.

In 2007, after an in-depth analysis of the company’s billing process, Fastweb identified several key business challenges, including reengineering their billing process by designing a dynamic communication layout that integrated invoicing data with other database sources. The ultimate goal was to enrich these databases to improve customer profiling.

The primary objective of this initiative was to restructure the invoice communication process into a new, clearer and more direct tool for communicating to customers, while at the same time effectively communicating billing information.

It was important that Fastweb was able to manage the revision of the contents and layout collaboratively, to enable marketing and communication specialists to work together to change, correct and approve the messages contained in the invoice.

Critical to success was to support multiple suppliers to improve multi-channel delivery processes through email, PEC, mail, etc. Also, it was essential to manage Fastweb service reseller shipments, as well as increasing the digital delivery of the invoices. The different processes and communications had to be “tailor-made” according to the typology and needs of the clients.

Today, Fastweb entrusts Doxee with the dematerialization of business processes and the entire customer communication management through an outsourced service model, at a volume that reaches approximately 2.5 million documents per month.

Since 2005, Doxee has enabled Fastweb invoices to be sent via digital channels and manages the subsequent preservation, extending the digital preservation process to all books and records, in compliance with current legislation. Fastweb has been able to manage the entire process, taking on the role of Responsible for the Conservation Service. Soon electronic invoicing between private individuals will also be activated, as required by Italian law — both B2B and B2C — which will include both the passive and active cycle, and the related standard retention service.

The invoices are delivered via email, certified e-mail (PEC), ordinary mail, or through other digital channels.

By optimizing and integrating the mailing process with the system of conservation, Fastweb has deleted the complex method of paper preservation, replacing the physical warehouse and obtaining many tangible and intangible benefits.  For example, the new document search system, which was previously carried out manually, has provided considerable savings.

Doxee manages the entire Customer Communication (CCM) process, re-engineering the process of creating invoices, through a dynamic layout that adapts to the customer profile, thus using the invoice as a new tool of communication to carry out cross-sell and up-sell actions. The unused document space is exploited to insert notes and comments useful to the user.

For Fastweb, Electronic invoicing to the Public Administration has become a fundamental process and invaluable, digital tool. 

The receipt of an invoice is one of the most important touch points for the customer of a telecommunications company and has high impact during the customer journey.

For this reason, Doxee and Fastweb in 2015 collaborated to transform the invoice into the “Digital Account”, a new channel of end customer communication in which an interactive, personalized micro-site “speaks” directly to the individual customer with relevant messages. Starting from August, the program will be enhanced with personalized videos that deliver an engaging, interactive digital experience, with consumption details and activating device actions on the subscription.


Doxee allowed Fastweb to reach its goal of digitizing its processes, growing its active digital channel customer base from 40% to over 85%.

Thanks to the highly scalable, modular and collaborative Doxee platform, Fastweb today completely governs its customer communication, obtaining substantial savings in production costs and document delivery, and improving the quality to a 15% decrease in call center’s calls. It has also increased its number of new subscribers and, through upselling and cross-selling techniques, improved the customer loyalty rate and reduced the abandonment rate. And in addition to all those excellent result metrics, the percentage of reading and browsing the contents of the digital account has exceeding expectations.


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