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Doxee cited as “excellent” for end-to-end CCM in Aspire Leaderboard Study

The 2018 Aspire Leaderboard has just been released and Doxee is proud to have been noted as “an excellent choice” for their scalable, enterprise CCM services, and more specifically, for their interactive (dynamic) personalized video. Aspire’s analysis makes mention of the fact that Doxee is designed and would be of interest to service providers “looking for cloud-based production and composition technology, as well as a cost-effective personalized video solution.”

The Aspire Leaderboard has evaluated and visualized the entire CCM vendor landscape, including several Enterprise Communication Platforms solutions, reviewing their ability to meet customer requirements in four critical areas: Automated Document Factory, Business Automation, Omni-Channel Orchestration and Personalized Communications. In the Personalized Communications domain, Doxee was noted for their support of batch, on-demand and interactive communications with on-premise, hybrid or multi-tenant SaaS deployment. In Business Automation, the support of browser-based forms and business process automation with visual workflow builder capabilities was recognized. And in the all-important domain of Omni-channel Orchestration, the Informatica integrated Platform as a Service (iPaaS) was considered a “strong integration framework.” 

In differentiating Doxee from other CCM solutions, the Aspire Leaderboard analysis made mention of Doxee being one of the firsts in the industry to go to market with a fully cloud solution for CCM and using this platform to expand into the customer experience market with products such as personalized video. Doxee Enterprise Communication Platform consists of Doxee design, composition, and interactive technology, and comes with data management, connectivity, application development workflow and analytics, and output management capabilities.

Also cited as unique to Doxee is that it is not only a technology vendor, but also offers its BPO services through local print partners. As summarized by Aspire, “Doxee is an end-to-end solution for the creation, management and fulfillment of physical and digital communications.”

For more information download the report.

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