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Doxee personalized video propels Italian citizen’s ID renewal

The first ID in history was a clay tablet, on which the owner’s personal details – name, place and date of birth, job, or whether he was a free man or a slave – were carved manually. This practice dates back to the ancient Assyrian, around the II Millenium BC.

Not the most convenient tool, as seen with the eyes of the contemporary man.

Dozens of centuries later (about four thousand years), the paper document made its appearance and was used for identification of citizens. And it lasted for a long time. Until the XXI century, to be precise. In fact to be exact, in 2018, at least in Italy, electronic IDs became mandatory with the beginning of the new year.

The law says that all the countries’ city administrations need to notify their citizens about this change, at least three months in advance.

For the administrations, and therefore, for the tax paying citizens, a substantial cost to bear. Almost one euro for each single letter sent. Let’s do the math. In Milan alone, a $1,300,000. budget would have been needed. For Rome, $2,800.000. Not exactly two bits.

Is there an alternative? How can money be saved? Most likely among all the options you could think of to address this issue personalized videos would not be the first thing that would come to mind. But it was indeed the right answer for some Italian cities who chose to give Pvideo a try.

Thanks to Doxee’s Pvideo, there were no more stamps, no more paper letters sent via mail. Every single citizen was able to receive his own animated personalized video through an email (a standard one, or a personalized electronic communication), an SMS, or a push notification via the relevant official city’s app.

What do we mean by personalized video, exactly? Well, every video contains a citizen’s specific information, such as his name, or the number and the expiration date of his old and new ID. In addition, each city’s administration provides useful information for the act of renewal: contact information, city hall working hours, and relevant websites, which are clickable directly within the video screen.

And the benefits don’t stop with substantial time, money, and “tree savings”. By adopting Pvideo, citizens’ engagement is taken to a whole new level, as information is delivered in a fun and enjoyable way. All without losing the effectiveness of older media. Lastly, for those who might miss the human touch, the virtual assistant included in the animated Pvideo will help the viewer identify all the needed documentation for the ID renewal.

The city of Cesena, in the Italian region Emilia-Romagna, has already implemented this innovation, further expanding its leading role in Italy’s public administration digitalization process. (We discussed it in detail here).

Is your city ready to enter a new era?

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