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What if your next financial advisor was an avatar?

Well, if your bank was the Italian CREDEM, it just might be the case. But wait – slow down. Let’s take a step back, otherwise you’ll think you are in a Black Mirror episode (for non-Gen Y and Z-ers, think of a digital Twilight Zone).

We already talked quite a lot about the potential of our Pvideo platform – personalized and interactive videos tailored to your client’s needs (if it doesn’t ring a bell, you can learn more here).

More and more companies are adopting our Pvideos to revolutionize the way they talk to their customers. Whether it is to convert, grab attention, or surprise, personalized videos turn out to be highly effective, with skyrocketing click-through rates in several industry segments. Among them, the banking sector.

Today we focus on banks — on CREDEM.  More specifically, we introduce you to an engaging, interactive campaign from one of the main Italian banking groups. This banking institution from Emilia asked us to create two Pvideo campaigns targeting their current customers. The initiatives aimed at pushing the internet banking service and at offering a new credit line.

What is the best way to engage with account holders? How can you attract them, feeding them with interesting content, while informing and inviting them to action? How about a paper letter, to reach a high number of people? Or a direct phone call between the advisor and customer, so as to leverage the human factor?

In fact, CREDEM wanted both things, a high reach, without losing the human touch. A communication tool that is simple, scalable, intuitive, and affordable but, most and foremost, personalized and human. Considering the capabilities of Pvideo, it sounds like the essence of this innovative service offering. Thanks to our solution, CREDEM managed to combine the positive aspects of both approaches.

Here is how the campaign worked: Reaching CREDEM account holders through a personalized video, customers were called by name, and were led to a digital version of their trusted advisor.  An actual avatar, who drove them – with his synthetic voice and digital tie – to discover the bank’s available online services. No frills: the video showed all the required steps for users to follow to activate the new credit line by themselves, without the need of intermediaries. A call-to-action, clickable directly within the video, allowed a direct and frictionless conversion of the user, who could land directly on a page where he was able to fill in the needed information to complete the procedure.

At the end of the video, the virtual advisor shared with the account holders the contact information to reach them in the real world, at the “dear old” bank branch. (After all, having an avatar as financial advisor is surely cool. But, for the moment, the best option a person has to manage their finances is to rely on an expert, professional human being!)

For the CREDEM campaign – which could have been the umpteenth annoying phone call, paper letter to throw in the bin, or snooze-fest e-mail – the experience became an engaging experience that managed to combine the efficiency of digital, high-engagement, personalization, and trustworthiness of the human factor. The results: Two data points to consider above all — double digit click-through rate, and 2 viewers out of 3 that watched the video till the end.

Dear account holder, welcome to the future–welcome to Pivdeo.

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