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Importance of video, by the numbers

Videos have already become the main source of traffic online. They increasingly influence the consumers’ behavior online. If once videos were considered an optional luxury for big-budget corporations, nowadays videos are used in the vast majority of business sectors, thus becoming an essential part of many marketing strategies.

According to a recent Google survey, 68% of YouTube users watched videos for buying decisions. In marketing, videos have long been considered as expensive and hard to produce.

Today, that couldn’t be further from the truth (we spoke here about all the other myths regarding video marketing). Specialized platforms – such as the one provided by Doxee – can serve up tailored content at affordable cost. And they are not just for large companies — they are also the perfect marketing medium for small and medium-sized enterprises.

But why exactly is video marketing crucial today? The list of answers could be endless. This time, we decided to give you some actual numbers to put it into perspective.

Videos are driving internet traffic 

In 2019, 80% of all internet traffic will be related to videos (Source). Today, 52% of marketing professionals believe that videos are the best performing media format in terms of ROI (Source).

Bottom line: Videos are an extremely valuable resource to marketers for one simple and intuitive reason: people just love visual content. Videos grab attention like no other media format can. In addition, the fact that videos are highly enjoyable directly translates to achieving marketing results.

Product videos are a new, pivotal step in the customer journey 

92% of e-commerce specialists believe that visual content is the main factor at influencing buying decisions (Source). Almost 50% of internet users watch videos of products or services before going to physical stores (Source).

Bottom line: Videos are crucial to help your customers comprehend your products’ features and value, and familiarize with them. They’re also the best way to introduce your business to new potential customers.

Videos are changing digital strategies

Over 60% of marketing professionals use videos as their main platform within the media mix, while 73% of them are planning to increment video usage (Source). In the last five years, 51% of B2B marketers have started to intensively use video material for business purposes (Source).

Bottom line: Videos are a useful resource not only when it comes to selling products to final users. Today, it doesn’t matter how big your company is, or in which sector it operates. In every case videos increase the average quality of communications between brands and their audience.

Videos and Personalization: the perfect match

According to a recent report, 75% of consumers are willing to buy from sellers who appear to ‘know’ them, for instance calling them by name, or offering them specific offers based on the user’s purchasing history and/or navigation (Source).

Bottom line: Personalization fosters conversions. Today, videos are easily adaptable to each user thanks to ad hoc platforms. A valid example are the Personalized Videos by Doxee, a service that allows companies to easily generate tailored videos to create a unique and personal relationship with customers.

Social media: Videos’ natural habitat

On Facebook, native videos have an organic reach 135% greater than pictures (Source). Most Twitter users (82%) regularly watch video content on the 140 characters-platform (they will soon double this to 280) (Source).

Bottom line: Social media and videos walk hand in hand! If you want to increase your engagement rates on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, or any other social channel, then videos are what you’re looking for. They’re now essential to maximize visibility.

E-mail is dead? Not at all.

Just the simple use of the world ‘video’ in an e-mail subject increases the click-through rate from 7 to 13% (Source). Using videos in e-mail marketing can increase content visibility up to 50% (Source).

Bottom line: Don’t limit the use of video content to social media or landing pages. Video marketing can be extremely valuable in your DEM campaigns as well –think of your weekly newsletter, or the promotions you send out to potential new customers. Using videos within your messages is a way to make your content fresher, increasing the perceived quality of it and, ultimately, fostering a positive perception of your brand.

Find out now all the benefits that video marketing can bring to your business.

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