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Doxee featured among CCM key players according to Madison Advisors

The sixth edition of Madison Advisors’ Customer Communications Management Solutions Marketing Study analyzes the latest trends in the CCM and CXM (Customer Experience Management) market landscape.


After having been the only CCM-CXM Italian company featured in Gartner and Forrester reports, Doxee has also been included among the industry key-players by Madison Advisors.

Madison Advisors, a premier analyst advisory company in our industry, has published its Customer Communications Management Solutions Market Study 6th edition, in which it analyzes the latest trends in the CCM-CXM business, including topics such as cloud computing; UX; multi-, omni-, and cross-channel delivery strategies; personalized videos; and social media.

The report includes a list of the leading companies in today’s CCM-CXM market. Once again, Doxee is mentioned in the report as among the most innovative companies in the industry.

Specifically, Madison Advisors points out four main aspects that makes Doxee unique in its benefits to enterprises:


  • Cloud technology and application-Platform-as-a-Service (aPaaS) approach
  • Partner-centric strategy on a global scale
  • Innovative digital products, with a unique positioning focusing on personalized video
  • Effectiveness of the organization and its professional service staff


aPaaS: a productive, scalable, and flexible cloud framework

The report states that “Doxee differentiates itself in the CCM-CXM market space with its unique  aPaaS offering, which is a cloud technology that allows its business partners to offer a SaaS solution to their enterprise clients. The benefit of aPaaS includes high-productivity tools, faster time-to-market, lower IT costs and a scalable, flexible architecture for CCM document generation.” In addition, as an Advanced Technology Partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the report adds Doxee “can provide its partners with a world-wide infrastructure to manage cutting- edge CCM services.

C²X: the perfect balance between providers and end customers

Referring to Doxee’s approach to business, the annual report states that the company has “an international, partner-centric business model through a network that spans North America, EMEA, LATAM and APAC.” Moreover, Doxee “focuses on developing solutions that deliver integrated, interactive solutions without major investments in IT resources and the complexities required to deploy effective solutions quickly and efficiently. Doxee refers to this advantage as ‘Cloud C²X’ which refers to two customers whose needs can be met equally – the end users and the enterprise that serves them.

eDox and pVideo: advanced digital experiences

The study also covers some of Doxee’s specific products and solutions: eDox (interactive web microsite) and pVideo (personalized video solution) are, according to Madison, able to “provide a highly relevant, dynamic experience for end customers that can be deployed separately or uniquely ‘fused’ together.” The report points out how Doxee earned a unique positioning in the industry with its forward-thinking investments in video marketing – a market in quick expansion, according to Madison Advisors – and is the only CCM vendor mentioned in the report to offer a proprietary solution to produce personalized video.  “Doxee has recently rolled out pVideo, a personalized video solution entirely focused on consumer interaction […] pVideo has the ability to take data that is often locked up inside a client’s legacy system and […] turn that data into a video. The pVideo creates a bi-directional relationship with the customer.  Interactions with the video by the recipient increase engagement, allowing the viewer to choose the path that the story will take, and these calls-to-action provide additional opportunities for information gathering and data collection that can drive further personalization.

The human factor

The analysis provided by Madison Advisors doesn’t limit itself to technological aspects. The report argues that the simple software sale practice is not enough; it is indeed necessary to have a professional and well-oiled organization able to support clients through the new technology implementation process. For its direct sales, “Doxee has a professional services staff that is responsible for addressing customers at the beginning of the sales process. The staff is also responsible for the technical section of the proposal; proofs of concept, if required; deployment for on-premise solutions; project implementation; training; handover; and providing support to clients post- implementation.

Find out more on Doxee’s innovative digital CCM and CXM solutions for enterprises.

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