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City of Ancona and Doxee deliver right touches to collect refuse tax

With its 2,400 years of history, Ancona is a fascinating city in central Italy overlooking the warm and calm Adriatic Sea.

This year, the City Administration needed to come up with new ideas to facilitate the collection of TARI, a recently introduced local refuse tax.  Ancona first had to educate its citizens on what the tax was for and how it was computed. Then, they had to find a way to validate its accuracy and facilitate billing for it.

However, what came out was much more than a simple communication or validation process for the tax.  Doxee, in partnership with Municipia, conceived a personalized, user-friendly experience for citizens that also serves as an effective and cost-efficient tool for the local administration for tax collection. It uses different personalized touchpoints including print, video, mini-web sites and interactive e-documents — all driven and managed from one database and cloud platform.

How does it work?

The process is based on four separate communications using different types of media. The citizen receives by mail the standard tax paper document for TARI (step 1). On the tax document, there is a personalized QR code.

Scanning the code brings the citizen to a simple, intuitive personalized video (step 2) that explains in detail the way the tax works: how it is calculated, the total owed, the real estate property which the tax refers to, and information about payment rates. In short, the personalized video acts as a comprehensive educational video custom tailored to each citizen.

The personalized video contains within it various calls-to-action (e.g request documents, contact the customerin the form of links. The primary option is to access an interactive mini-website (step 3) based on Doxee’s eDox technology. The mini-website is a self-management space where users validate or update their property details, family census data and contact information (e-mail address, phone number). These actions previously required an in-person visit to City Hall.

Following these actions, citizens generate and receive via e-mail a pre-compiled PDF document (step 4) that attests the updated information, which will be sent to Ancona Entrate (the city’s tax agency).

This multi-channel path – from paper to digital, and then again to paper – allows citizens to manage all the TARI-related processes in complete autonomy, without the need to leave home or be assisted by intermediaries.

In addition, users making use of the system automatically open a direct communication channel with the City Administration, enabling a wide range of future digital communications between the city and the private citizen.

Started simply as a solution to pay taxes, the platform created by Doxee for the city of Ancona turns out to be a wider experience able to inform (educational personalized videos for TARI), simplify (new self-managing services), and digitalize the citizen-institution relationship, making it more efficient, intuitive and personal.

The Doxee system based on the integration between paper documents and digital platforms will soon be implemented by the city of Genova, which is planning on touching their citizens with this same highly innovative, interactive campaign for tax collection. 

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