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6 reasons why animated marketing videos are your ticket to success

According to the numbers, the use of the digital video format is growing exponentially. Recent Facebook research shows that users prefer watching videos rather than static content on Facebook and Instagram with a ratio of five to one. Not surprisingly, more and more marketers are exploiting the potential of video content to deliver their messages.

To those who have massive budgets available, there are endless opportunities: interviews, short movies, special effects, web series; the video format doesn’t set limits. But, for those who face limited resources, the number of available choices shrink. Producing an original, cinematic-quality video may prove to be very expensive, in terms of both money and time.

This is one of the reasons why, in the last few years, animated videos have become a particular favorite not only within the entertainment and advertising industries, but also among marketing professionals in all corporate sectors. But why exactly are animated videos so advantaged to the “creator” and “viewer”?  We list below the six main reasons.


1. Effectiveness

In comparison to video footage, which can be edited in post-production, but not easily re-created after testing results, animations allow for greater production control and refinement to ensure that the important elements of the message are delivered. For this reason, animated videos are particularly effective for presenting new ideas and solutions that have been proved to elicit the desired results.  Since the animation can be highly customized, the video structure (what scenes are viewed), tone of voice (text-to-speech can deliver language/accent personalization), and duration are easily managed and adapted to each customer’s needs. In addition, the possibility to add personalized call-to-actions and hyperlinks within the video maximizes the chance of successful conversions. This flexibility contributes to ensuring that animated video messages are clear and effective, as no other format can easily do.


2. Lightness (“mature cartooning”)

Sometimes, marketers need to come up with creative ideas to communicate the value of products (blenders, chemical fertilizers) or services (health insurances, consulting) that may not be as “sexy” as other offerings. Depending on the solution and audience, it can be hard to emotionally engage customers. It is in these specific cases that animated videos can do wonders. With their light, enjoyable and (why not) humorous content, animations can lighten even the dullest, coldest message. They can transmit the importance and value of product features through entertaining, benefit-driven customer stories that drive response and ROI.


3. Versatility 

Unlike filming, animations can represent any fictional situation – a metaphor, for instance – to deliver complex content through a simplified and intelligible visual representation. Traditional video footage implies a real world setting, which inevitably brings with it a certain amount of “background noise”, which is a potential source of distraction for the viewer. For example, in watching a travel video with airplane cabin footage, a viewer uncomfortable with air travel could be turned off from the message. Conversely, animations allow us to picture only the fundamental elements of the message, nothing more, nothing less, all in favor of message clarity.


4. Efficiency 

Creating video footage with complex post-production is time-consuming and costly to manage, and can lead to unpleasant surprises such as missed deadlines, over budget costs, and unsatisfactory results. On the contrary, animations represent the best solution to create a low-cost quality video, precisely because they can be produced without extensive time and effort and with a lower margin of error. With the support of specialized companies such as Doxee and its international partners, you can create and deploy a very effective video message without any hassles.


5. Personalization

Perhaps one of the most important differences between cinematic and animated videos is that the latter can be fully personalized to the needs of each client. For instance, Doxee Personalized Videos allow the creation of a video template that can be delivered in an infinite number of different versions by incorporating variable content. With Doxee, a company – say a bank – can generate a personalized video that addresses a client specifically, not just calling him by name, but also showing him all the tailored information that he expects to receive, such as the account balance and the interest earnings. Through personalization, animated videos express their full potential, further increasing involvement and ROI. Numbers speak for themselves: Doxee Personalized Videos guarantee a 20% click-through increase, with an impressive 78% of viewers who watch the video until completion. It goes without saying that these figures are far better than with traditional communications.


6. Professional corporate image

Animations were once appreciated mainly by children, charmed by the magic of cartoons. With time, animations have conquered mature audiences, thanks to its diffusion through television and cinema. With the focus on capturing attention and getting click through and results, and the propagation of animated messages throughout all digital media channels, the language of animation has established itself as a fashionable corporate communication style. Today, it is increasingly spreading even among the most conservative of industries, including the banking and insurance sectors. Animated videos are fast-becoming universally accepted by all marketers as a new, professional, and powerful form of business communication.


Few media formats can combine effectiveness, lightness, versatility, efficiency, and professionalism, all at accessible costs and accelerated production. Add a marketplace that is increasingly demanding mobile and video marketing executions that drive interest and response, and you will see why for today’s marketers animated videos are the new ticket to success.



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