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Forrester Research: CCM Vendors ‘Evolving’

Forrester Research is widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost authorities when it comes to technology and market research. When Forrester delivers an analysis of a market segment, it’s worth paying attention.

Recently, the research firm released its latest Forrester Wave report for Customer Communications Management (CCM). This report analyzed both 14 of the leading providers in this space as well as the overall trend of the CCM market as a whole, uncovering a number of key insights in the process. Critically, Forrester Research determined that CCM vendors, responding to enterprise demands, are increasingly turning their focus toward becoming customer experience (CX) platforms and addressing broader enterprise communication needs.

This ongoing evolution is a big reason why the Forrester Wave report placed Doxee’s Enterprise Communication Platform in its prestigious Strong Performer Category. Doxee’s CCM combines both a powerful technological solution with customized, close-knit support from Doxee partners around the globe. Together, this enables enterprises to keep pace with, and even get ahead of, evolving CX expectations.

The CCM Market Today

In its examination of the CCM market, the Forrester Wave report identified four key evolving trends among leading CCM platforms. Specifically:

1. Stronger personalization and control for the interactive component
2. An emerging requirement of synchronizing input and output
3. Products moving to a multichannel conversation platform
4. Increasing focus on statements that engage

All of these specific developments relate back to the need for enterprises to deliver a better CX at every touchpoint.

“Today, the ability to link CCM to all points in the customer journey is gaining ground, with stronger mobile support and integration with marketing automation and digital experience delivery platforms,” the Forrester Wave report stated.

At the same time, though, the Forrester Wave report found that many CCM platforms have a ways to go before they can meet accelerating enterprise content management’s increasing expectations. As Forrester Research noted:

“CCM products typically have a programmer-oriented console to develop data models and integration points, a design area for less technical users for documents and templates, and a third environment scripting the internal worker’s interaction with the document system. Products support these three needs with a mix of thin and thick clients. None of the solutions are as unified or intuitive as we would like to see.”

However, these types of shortcomings speak to why the Doxee CCM solution, implemented and managed locally by authorized Doxee partners, stands out from the competition. In the Doxee model, enterprises work directly with Doxee partners, who themselves leverage the Doxee platform. The enterprise itself doesn’t need to do anything more than express its needs to its partner, who will then customize, create, integrate and implement the CCM required. The Doxee solution provides the flexibility and capabilities, and the Doxee partner provides the expertise and guidance. Together, enterprises gain a CCM solution that can put them in the vanguard for delivering engaging CX to their customers in every interaction.

Forrester Wave on Doxee

The Forrester Wave report’s analysis of the Doxee CCM platform highlighted many of the strengths that make the solution both powerful and, from the enterprise perspective, incredibly easy to use. Forrester Research scored Doxee’s workflow, automation and reporting capabilities at 3.60 – the second highest score achieved by any CCM platform. This finding speaks to the strength of the technology driving the Doxee solution, which partners then customize to deliver maximum value to their enterprise customers.

When it came to the subcategory of CCM Product Strategy, Doxee received a 4.00 – tied for the highest score achieved in the report.

Forrester Research also had this to say about the Doxee platform:

● “This offering will suit enterprises wanting to shift from on-premises point solutions to native cloud oriented services.”
● “Fast time-to-market is a key driver for Doxee’s strong growth in the past 18 months.”

By working with a dedicated Doxee partner that knows how to deliver maximum value from the solution, enterprises can position themselves ahead of their industry rivals, providing more satisfying, interactive CX throughout the entirety of the customer journey.


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