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Customer experience evolved: Introducing Cloud C²X from Doxee

For companies across countless sectors, the essence of competition in today’s markets boils down to the customer experience. As Forrester Research declared, it’s experiences – not pricing, marketing or anything else – which enable businesses to accrue wins. If a firm’s CX isn’t up to par, then that organization is going to struggle. It’s as simple as that.

And yet, that doesn’t tell the whole story. For all of the attention that CX receives, a very basic element often goes overlooked when it comes to CX solutions: The enterprise itself is also a customer, and its experience using the product matters.

As decision-makers increasingly embrace high-quality, comprehensive enterprise content management and customer experience management solutions, they need to think about how the deployment of these solutions impact the operational effectiveness of their organization, and what measurable value these customer communications will have in increasing response rates, sales and revenue. Any solution that doesn’t address both sides of this equation will come up short.

With that in mind, we’re proud to introduce Cloud C²X from Doxee. Designed to optimize the customer experience for both enterprises and their customers, our native-cloud solution and international network of partners combine to create an unparalleled offering for businesses eager to evolve from CCM to truly interactive, engaging CX.

Simplicity and CX success

There are four key components to a successful, comprehensive customer experience strategy. These are:

● Storytelling
● Interactivity
● Mobility
● Relevance

Taken together, these elements deliver an experience that makes your customers’ lives easier. Doxee’s Cloud C²X embraces this approach throughout the entirety of the customer experience – a journey that can include these critical touchpoints:

● Acquisition
● Welcome
● Continuation
● Renewal
● Support

At every point, Doxee empowers companies to provide engaging, valuable interaction to users, helping boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Doxee makes it simple and easy for enterprises to deliver this level of CX. That’s critical, as ease of use is one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of many organizations’ CX efforts. A report from the Harvard Business Review, sponsored by SAS, found that 41 percent of participating executives cited systems integration as a key challenge preventing consistent CX across channels, and more than half said they struggled to build new customer experiences.

Doxee’s Cloud C²X addresses all of these issues and more, thanks to its native-cloud platform and experienced CCM-CX system integrators providing local, custom managed services to enterprise organizations.

The native cloud element is essential because it allows for an unmatched degree of flexibility for our clients CX efforts. Doxee is both a Platform-as-a-Service and a Software-as-a-Service. More specifically, our partners use Doxee as a platform to build customized SaaS solutions for you, the enterprise customer. Unlike other CX solutions on the market, Doxee does not require integration with legacy IT infrastructure systems. That’s a big part of how Doxee delivers simplicity for enterprise users, as well as end-users.

The other major component of C²X is our network of partners. Doxee-certified business partners can be found all over the world, and they provide hands-on support, guidance, expertise and leadership to all of our customers. You tell the partner your use case and the partner leverages the Doxee platform to turn that goal into reality through custom CX-CCM solutions.

That’s it – it’s really that simple. The process for creating great CX for your customers could not be easier, as our certified business partners take on virtually all of the responsibility and effort. Again, it’s all about delivering an optimized experience to the enterprise and the end users.

This approach allows our customers to receive localized support and customization from a partner that understands their unique needs and business objectives. And Doxee’s cloud-based platform is flexible enough to enable this level of capabilities.

To learn more about Doxee’s Cloud C²X, be sure to:

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